Newbies 1st grow

Here are some trichome pics of Storm. Cant wait to see how much amber sets in by the weekend. She is going strong after partial harvest over the weekend . Thats definitely more amber than when I checked over weekend

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Lol not usually a compliment


Hahahahaha! Almost made me spit my drink out!


:joy::joy::rofl::joy: thanks for that early hard laughter

Im not sure if anyone will see my other post in the other thread so I will ask here as well. Im looking at the HLG 350R for lighting. I will be doing 6 plants no tent(soaking 9 so might get more). I can reflect the walls in need be, I have dedicated a small room for my grows. I do have a lot of Hyponic stuff as well (Clay stone, nutrients from 2 different places and I have the mag and something else coming next month because I have read I don’t need to do anything but water it at first). I bought the fox dirt on both of them. I have a heated dome with a little clip grow light. I have probably gone over board but I failed the first time so I don’t want to do that again, lol. I figured the 5 gallon buckets are fine for this go around I can fill them with the clay stones to keep the from setting in the water on the bottom. Any advice is welcomed. I will think of names as well, I didn’t know that was a thing. Maybe thats why they hated me, lol. I will also be getting the camera that measures the potency %.

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never a complaint either lmao


I’m using HLG’s 320W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit in a 2x4 tent and my ladies seem to be loving them. Great quality and customer service. Can’t go wrong from what I can tell.

So should I get 2 or 3 of them to cover all my plants? Im soaking 9 so I might get 9.

@pattyg31 if your question haven’t been answer yet. @FullyMedicated & @Sigourney both grow in room that they set up 4 growing. Your light will be enough to grow 6 plats. I wouldn’t do 5gallons though. Go for 2 or 3gallon.

What do you plan on growing autos or photos.

Your light is powerful when in veg you don’t need that much power so you will have it dimmed down. Do you have nutrition line pick up yet? You are good for the 1st 3weeks.


I have autos. I got the 3 pack set… AK47, SSK and SOD. My plants should not touch each other correct? I have got 3 different carts to be able to rotate them on. I have netting to fan them out so all the branches get light. Trying to remember everything I have. Ok I can look at getting the 3 gallon ones. I’m sure I have time.


@pattyg31 If you got autos and want to keep them together go smaller pot for sure. If you willing to spend money on 3 lights I think you better off just get 1 600 RSPEC.

|Flowering Footprint|5’ x 5’ at 28"|
|Veg Footprint|6’ x 6’ at 40”|

Right now hlg got sale 15% off so you would save up that light will hold you down

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Ok got that on order. Hope it gets here in time. Anything else I need before harvest? I have the fox farm liquid big bloom or I have the General hydro flora-bloom, gro, and micro. If I need some thing else let me know. I have the cal-mag coming at the end of the month also general hydro.

Fans, ph pen ppm meter do u have those?

Btw if you are a veteran they give you 20% off sorry i 4got that

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Well to late for that now, lol. I have a Ph and a TDS/EC tester. Got a box fan and can get another if needed. I live in the south so humidity is not a issue, lol. Got Ph up and down. No ppm meter. I can get that as well.

I can say for my first grow I didn’t invest in an expensive light. I am also using aluminum foil to reflect the light :rofl:🥲. No judgements please​:sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t4:. I’ve killed 2 plants in the very beginning that didn’t make it past week 1, but managed to keep the remaining alive with this current set up ( change of soil, no overwating and no nutes for weeks). Currently running 6 autos in the closet in a spare room. I’m getting a tent kit for the holidays, so working with this set up for now . Honestly thinking of doing another closet, but will probably invest in better reflector than foil


It works that’s y I mentioned you. Your girls look amazing and healthy. The main thing is learning 2 read the girls n u gotnit


1 major thing I 4got is the timer for your light schedule autos can go 12 12 from start to end or you can do 18 6

I appreciate you :pray:t4::pray:t4: thank you :hugs:

What are some good pesticides/mold preventions? I wanted to get theirs but its out if stock and no idea when they will get more.

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Captain Jacks Dead Bug is what I use for the bugs. For mold I keep growing environment humidity under control so I haven’t dealt with that kind of issue.