Newbies 1st grow

Hello all !

This is my absolute 1st grow ever. Haven’t lost hope, just seems luck isn’t on my side. I purchased 5 sour diesel autoflower seeds after much reading on the site. Out of the 5 seeds, only 3 germinated using the soak in water method. Germination started on the 16th, and the first 3 girls were put in 5 gal grow pots. Fast forward… while cleaning the leg I had the bags, I knocked Lyric over grow bag upside-down on my carpet :woman_facepalming:t5: . I put her back in the grow bag being as careful as possible, but by the looks of it, she won’t make it. From looking at the plants it appears Brooklyn is thriving, and Ryder is growing slowly behind. I’ve gone holistic and placed a quartz, amethyst, and tourmaline stone near Lyric hoping she’ll recover. These plants, I am trying to grow as natural as possible. They are indoor for the most part. For the last two days I’ve let them out in the morning on my deck to catch some sun. Bought indoors at sundown. PH tests at 7 for all using prong meter. Any feedback/ advice would be totally appreciated. Still learning, and half of the lingo in the forum doesn’t make much sense to me. Can I be successful without the additional accessories? Oh, and nice to meet you all :vulcan_salute:t4:


Welcome to the group!

Question, when you say ‘grow bag’ do you mean a fabric pot?

These plants are resilient. I wouldn’t be surprised if she recovered.

What type of water are you giving them? Tap? Distilled? Is that PH reading of the runoff or water going in? Also, what type of soil are they in?

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Yes sorry, growing in a fabric bag. Currently miracle in grow moisture control potting mix, being fed with tap water. Every other feed with fox farm grow big. The PH reading is of the runoff

Welcome @Sigourney I am sorry to hear of Lyric’s misfortune. From the first pic it looks like she was not much more than a tail so should recover. No roots to damage thankfully. Good vibes directed your way for that.
With that MG soil, I would not be adding anything at all yet. If the big planter is well moistened, they should not even need water for quite a while.

People have been growing this plant for centuries without all this “modern” technology. :wink:


Ah, ok :slight_smile:

My only advice would be that you may want to PH your tap water going in to around 6.5. Your run off PH is pretty good. 6.8 is kinda the sweet spot in my opinon so I think you’re good there.

I saw you mentioned you wanted to grow as organic as possible. For the next run, you may want to try a super soil out (sold on amazon). Its all natural and will sustain your plant for it’s life. All you need to do is add water. Here’s a link to one I use – : Autoflower Living Soil Concentrate for Super Soil : Garden & Outdoor

Keep us posted with the status of the girls!


You also want to get a proper water testing meter those metal probe meters are pretty terrible


She seems to be drying out a bit, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4: but I have faith in the crystals :sweat_smile:. It’s been hot here on the east coast so I’ve been feeling around making sure they aren’t excessively dry

Awesome, I will definitely look into it. I have to reorder the other 2 failed seeds, so maybe I’ll learn from the mistakes of these 3 girls

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Any recommendations? I’ve looked online and read countless reviews, many didn’t trust the meter calibration. I had a hard time deciding which would be best.

The apera is the best budget one imo


Looks like my leaves are turning a little today. Everything was going okay, but today Brooklyn and Ryder seems to experience a change in leaf color. Anyone have an idea why the sudden change?

I see what looks like nute burn on the top pic. Otherwise color looks fine.

Does that mean take it easy on the nutrients? I haven’t watered since yesterday since the fabric bag is still moist. Panic mode set in :sweat_smile:

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Yes, as I stated earlier they should not need any additives for a few weeks at least. Just watch the plant for signs of what it needs. Plenty of folks on here to help interpret what she says. :man_teacher:t2: :woman_teacher:t2: :man_farmer:t2: :woman_farmer:t2:

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You are amazing!!! Thanks so much :blush:

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I’m concerned that miracle grow has something to do with the burn :frowning:


You do not need to be adding any nutrients yet. The soil you’re using has plenty and those little round leaves contain all the nutrients the plants need at this point. When it comes time to transplant you might want to use different soil than miracle grow. Don’t over water them and when you water them keep it a couple of inches away from the stem so the roots spread out


I ordered replacements for the two seeds that didnt germ… I will choose a different soil for those. When I did the fertilizer food, I used less than half of the desired amount, and diluted a bit. Going on 3 days with no nutrients. Today I’m certain Lyric is gone, no stem growth and the flower part is dried, looks like the fall impacted her. Monitoring Brooklyn and Ryder. They were watered just once yesterday to attempt to flush some nutrients from the the soil. Brooklyn seems most mature as her leaves have been taking shape. Fingers crossed they make it. 2 weeks in, and feeling like a failure already :sweat_smile:

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Noted about the notes and soil. I Thought I was being proactive… Started veggies a few months ago that began to grow the white mold in my guest room, I figure from humidty. I thought planting the girls in moisture controlled soil would prevent that :woman_facepalming:t5:. I will use some soil that was referred to me here for the other two seeds, and pray for a much better outcome. :pensive:. I do appreciate all of the advice.

For your future grow you’ll want to go with weed friendly soil such as fox farms happy frog and/or he slightly hotter ocean forest or preferably a mix of the two