Newb Ontario Outdoor grow

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Busy night. Violet got chopped, washed and hung up. About 3 hours of work and an interesting learning experience.


@unicron, ahhh, a successful harvest. Congratulations! Nice job on the wet trim. Looks like you will have some nice tight buds when those dry.

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@Packof3 Thanks :slight_smile: The buds did feel quite firm and sticky, a very good sign.

Appreciated for the compliment re trimming, honestly I felt really clunky at first but it got better. Gotta remind myself it wasn’t supposed to be perfect.

Honestly a lot of puzzle pieces dropped into place while I was working. So many small details which I read but didn’t understand fully at the time. Particularly shaping and branch maintenance, and the resulting work if you get it wrong. LoL sigh.

Anyways, this one is already in the book. Given the weather report ahead for southern ON, I decided to chop Blanche so she went dark before dinner. Work on her Sunday.

Drying room seems to have worked out. Locked on 21c and 58%. Which from what I’ve read is pretty good! Dehumidifier and the nature of the space prevent it going higher or lower. Good sized space so I’ll be able to fit another plant no problem.

@Unicron oh boy I missed a lot! Well done on getting one down and hung. My wife 1000% would not let me bring my plants in the house lol. I’m not sure they would go through the door anyhow. Been in my woodshed most of last week. I build a VERY shoddy a frame to tarp them when raining now. My mango sapphire came down.

Gorilla breathe is really showing her fall colours now and a ways off from harvest yet

Overall I am happy so far. I have a friend that says growing weed is easy, the hard part is growing good weed! From the looks of these girls I hope I hit the latter. Actually had someone online ask if my mango was indoor. That question made me feel good


@Unicron here is a branch of the mango, been hanging 1 week tomorrow. She is rock hard


@Justanotherdude The color on that plant is pretty awesome, gold bronze, very nice! Definitely frosty! Should make some nice results.

That’s good looking bud! Hoping mine are as dense. LoL

Today is Blanche’s last day, she’s been in the dark nearly 48h so will be getting the chop this morning. Gotta get more hangers lol. Going to keep things separate so I can see how different they might be.

Looking forward to some experimentation with QWET extraction, and just simple smoke. Only on drying day 4 so some time to go yet.

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So apologies it’s been a bit since I’ve had a chance to post.

Both plants were hung about 10 days, until the small stems would snap and no dampness left on the outside.
And now have been dry trimmed and moved into quart mason jars.

So post drying, Blanche yielded 6 jars, and Violet 6 jars plus a half jar of quality looking trim for each. Although Blanche had more volume, Violet as I’d guessed, has slightly more weight/density.

408g net or about 14.5oz.

Burping the jars every day at the moment, gotta figure out when to slow that down.

One weird thing, Blanche managed to produce 3 seeds… Which was a surprise. So assuming that it’s not some apomixis trick happening, a few grains of pollen must have floated in on the breeze from who knows where.

Lessons learned. Screwing up the FIMing on Blanche resulted in lower density buds overall. I’d go alot further in pruning next time, closer to lollypopping.

Haven’t tried any of the buds yet, so potency is still TBD. Smell from the jars is very strong.


@Unicron the seeds could be from stress or something, hard to know. I doubt it’s from airborne pollen. I had some seeds as well, which for me isn’t a horrible thing as I pluck those off and I’ll try them on the next grow.
That’s a great haul for you. That will keep ya going for a while. I like to burp daily for a week to 10 days, then slow that down burping weekly for a month or two. Keep jars in a cool, dry dark place. The bud will only get better with time letting those terpenes really come out. Will smell grassy for the first few days as I’m sure you noticed, then that will subside then all you will smell is the lovely goodness.
I’m going to start an indoor grow soon for the winter. Will likely do 4 plants and may buy some quality seeds instead of the crapshoot with the seeds I pulled off this years plants. Not fully decided on that yet.
Happy you had a good grow. Kinda sad when it’s over right?

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Very nice work congratulations on making it to the end

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@Packof3 - Yeah, ultimately impossible to know for sure why. It was certainly a surprise, one of the seeds is like likely non viable as it was discovered when my trimmers nicked it. I’ll probably try germinating them at some point but not really sure when that will be.

Indeed, for me this is a massive amount for me, literally years I’d guess lol. I’ll probably be giving some samples away to friends for feedback, and some for experimentation with extraction and of course smoking some.

Re curing, yeah, the jars are living in my project space which is also used for hanging. 21.5C and 55% and no natural light makes it an optimal environment. Yes, the grassy smell was quite dominant during the first few days of drying. Definitely unappealing, but thankfully that has passed. Smell inside the jars is indeed growing nicely! I stuck my nose in one and took a deep haul and it was likely being hit in the face almost chocking. lol less aggressive next time I think.

Yeah, being at the end is definitely a low moment, not because of the results but because I was enjoying the process. Setting up for whatever extraction process will be fun, but definitely pondering what to do next. My wife suggested gearing up for an indoor grow, but I’m not so sure about that… I’m already flush with bud. The technical challenge is certainly appealing though. Making some vape oil would be on my list, if technically feasible.

Go a thought on what strain you’d do for your winter season?

@dirtydave Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Unicron not sure on a strain yet for the indoor winter grow. Still pondering that. What I do know is I’ll be buying some quality feminized photo period seeds. I’ll flip them to flower when I think they have grown enough that when they stretch they won’t outgrow my room. I’ll let you know which strain I go for. Leaning towards a “mixer” pack I think.