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@Packof3 So not having any idea of what white powdery mold looks like I looked it up… Damage at the center of today’s bud was certainly that crap.

Hopefully I didn’t manage to spread the spores around too much :frowning_face:

@Packof3 @Justanotherdude

Seeing some browning on Violet’s sugar leaves. Watered with nutrients this morning, feels like it’s probably the last time for her.


@Unicron @Packof3 sorry you guys are getting some hiccups from that earlier post I’m way late on. Unicorn, violet is a stunner with that purple. Fingers crossed I have o my seen wpm on a handful of leaves and just took them off. My mango sapphire is aspiring to be my favourite of the 4 strains of my first grow. All organic baby!


@Justanotherdude wow now there’s a frosty lady!

@Unicron @Justanotherdude thinking the same from my end. Going to flush the big 5 girls tomorrow, and harvest next Saturday.
I’ve got my work cut out for me. Have to call in some favours and get some buddies to help or else I’ll be 2 full days just chopping the plants and doing my wash.
Pistols are all pretty well turned now.

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@Packof3 @Unicron exciting times my friends. Everyone so close! I’m a couple weeks out yet on my mango sapphire and a few on the gorilla breathe and blueberry. Check out these purples coming through and a pic of golden sun rays peaking out this morning from the tree line.


@Justanotherdude Indeed, exciting times! Your lades look like they’re coming along nicely, the mango is looking in a very similar state to my Blanche, just a bit more time.

Super excited to be on a timeline for harvest, its been hard on my head holding tight so long. Hopefully the benefits are worth the wait!

Violet is officially on an water only diet, and will be going into the dark shortly.

@Packof3 - I think I recall you mentioned using jars, but have you had a look at the “Grove bags”? Long term curing/storage seems to be a recommended upgrade over mason jars.


@Unicron the grove bags certainly look awesome. I have been thinking about it but keep using jars haha. Here are some trichomes from mango this morning. She’s getting the chop Monday the latest


@Justanotherdude looks ready to go, 10-15% amber. Definitely looking sticky :+1:

The bags are definitely tempting, not exactly cheap though, they want $20+ for basic shipping… But still it would be nice to know my products will be safe long term despite my inexpert attention. I.e bag and forget until wanted. Almost any guess I make about yield for my ladies ends up being years of supply so long term storage is important to me.

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@Unicron I hear you there on the long term supply. I have not guessed my yield but the one very small plant I have already taken down gave me near a 1/4 pound! My 4 remaining plants are all wayyy bigger than that first one so…
I see free flower gifts and infused oils (edible) in my future here soon.
I did mct coconut oil with a jar from last year a friend gave me. She is potent, 1/4-1/2 tsp gets me plenty inebriated

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I’m old school that way. I prefer the nostalgia of the jars to be honest. And I’ve alsways been happy with the results, however this year is by far the best.
Keep in mind this is still a time to be diligent. It’s as much about the cure as everything else getting to this point.
GPS saying finish line around the next corner!!!

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@Packof3 @Justanotherdude

Today was the last sunny day for Violet, as she’ll be going into blackout this evening. She got a good manicure and another clear water flush, ready for 48h of darkness.

Blanche is as always a week or two behind which will make my life easier for harvest.

Next up:
Chop, basic trim, wash (1. Peroxide water, 2. Lemon juice-baking soda and water, 3. Rinse in just water) and then hung up.

My drying room is ready. Drop sheet, hang lines, drying screen and dehumidifier. Its a basement space so no natural light, 65f and about 55% humidity and some separate ventilation if needed.

Planning on a final trim up once they’ve dried a bit, just before they go into curing. I have a few cases of mason jars around from other hobbies so that end is covered, and maybe the Grove bags afterwards if I pull the trigger.

So I feel like I’ve got things covered, any gaps you guys can see?

Looks like you got your plan covered @Unicron.
I’m almost right along there with ya.
Will move into dark on Thursday, harvest on Saturday.

@Packof3 yeah, I had wanted Saturday but life got in the way… So Wednesday it is. Gonna be a late night.

@Packof3 @Justanotherdude

So I don’t know about you guys but the weather report says we’re in for some serious rain over the next couple days. I feel like Blanche is close so I don’t want her to be soaked in advance of blackout time of she’s ready.

Violet being already in black out rules out my main option for outdoor dry storage… So I’m was mulling over what I might do to keep her dry.

So my wife asks, “why don’t you bring it in the house?”. Never imagined she’d permit that LOL even mentioned there might be hidden bugs… Shrug. :open_mouth:

LoL we’ll see if it lasts when the aroma gets going.

Just wanted to share.

My wife helped me wet-trim almost a half pound of Blueberry. It was a bonding experience.

@LegalizeIt Sounds nice! Does she partake?

Somehow I don’t see that happening here, but it was quite a nice surprise. Wife doesn’t have any interest in MJ.

The more time passes the more I wonder about the quality of the seeds I was working with. Blanche’s has completely different phenotype qualities to violet.

Color, not purple pistils and minor branches.
Bud density seems to be less… and smell, I was worried as I mentioned above that it might bring a potent smell into the house and offend my SO… But nope! Sitting in the same room I can barely smell her earthy, ‘planty’ mildly weedy aroma.
Certainly a lot less than I expected, no smell elsewhere in the house. Nothing like Violet’s stank.

Obviously the final test will be how well it smokes but I’m still thinking Blanche is a dud as compared to her supposed sister.

Generally, she does not.

But the fact that it is totally legal, and it was grown in our garden?

Perhaps she will change her mind.

@LegalizeIt yeah, the being fully legal part is key. Count myself lucky to have someone who is tolerant of my projects.