New to autos need help with these

@Mama05 you dont want to add anything right now as the nutrient level in FFOF is already enough. What size container are you growing in?

Hi it is the mini kit 1/2 gallon I believe I am growing auto blueberry. The little plant is in jiffy pellet and in 6 “ pot it’s very tiny still . Kat

Autoflowers don’t care for hot soils and growth can be grossly stunted. How old are the plants? Based on the age of the plant in that soil mix in that size pot will directly correlate, as to how long that particular soil will feed that plant. I would add nothing for right now. Just water as needed and observe her growth.

@IslandGrown76 they are 6 days above ground. I have a Bestva 1000w on veg running 18 hrs per day have only watered 1 time. 1/2 cup of 7.0 ph’d water. They are in 5 gallon fabric pots. Led light is sitting at 25" above them. Did not pour water directly on seedling about 3" away from them.

Hi ok thank you , they are doing ok the one that is about three weeks old is growing in the 1/2 gallon fabric pot that came with it and the baby one is doing ok has tiny leaves so far ok . This is the first one I planted it is bigger now but looks the same you know thank Katimage1.jpeg

Do you have any pics of them? I know I saw some, but cant seem to find them anymore… pH should be more like 6.2-6.5, but with that said you are growing in soil which usually buffers pH. Try something today: Take a tablespoon of soil from one of your pots, and put it in your tap water (not sure if you have town or well water, if its town water you want to let sit out for 24 hours because of the chlorine) place it in a jar with a couple ounces of water, and shake it vigorously for a few seconds. Let it then sit for 10 minutes and test with your pH meter. Every thing else you are doing sounds great!! I tried looking up Bestva’s suggested distance away from plant canopy, but can seem to find anything, but I think you are in the right spot for 1000w. As far as lighting schedule 18/6 in my opinion is great for autos, I have tried 20/4 but was getting same results with 18/6, which is ultimately cheaper on electric. Let me know about the pH of your soil solution, I would be curious to know. For now at 6 days old just sit and stare at them and don’t feed them anything.

So islandgrown …I’m going to grow autos next year outside…the less you mess with these.the betteroff you are?

Hi I have a question/ concern the first leafs that came up are now turning a very light green doesn’t look same color as the top of plant any idea why? Thank you Kat

Hi again one more question sry what soil do you recommend? Ty

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Fox farm happy frog

Hi oh I was going to get that but I got the ffof, now I want to return mine but not really going out now I had that delivered. Thank you

Hi do you think I should use that for now one of my plants is in soil for potforpot, and the other one is in a jiffy pellet in the ffof seems to be doing ok except it’s stem was bent over it might have rained mine area outdoors I put something to help it stands it still little though I hope it straightened out :grimacing:ty

Ffof is good , it is considered hot soil, so dont add nutes for awhile

Hi the one that is in the soil that came with my kit , the leaves are getting very light like the first little leafs are dying and the ones above them are getting light now I don’t know why specially since they put together everything you need with soil and jiffy pellets there good starter and coco brick I think it’s called so not sure what’s going on any advice would be much appreciated. Ty

Did u bury that pellet yet, and if they are autos get them in a minimum 3 gal pot , autos don’t likee to be transplanted

Hi yes I planted it but the one that came with the felt pot from potforpot, I asked them and they said to leave it in there for the whole time that I don’t need to transplant it , but the other one I just have it in a jiffy pellet and in ffof but in a plastic container but it’s probably not big enough for the whole Time so I need to find a bigger pot , will it die it I transplant it this one is still every small , I choose auto being my first time and that is what the company suggested. So now I am nervous it will die the little one . The bigger one is the one that has the lighter leafs and through the felt pot I can see little white things coming through the felt pot I send pic . Thank you

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Hi I ordered the 3 gallon size pots like you suggested and also ordered a bag of happy frog soil , I wanted to ask you the first one I planted is growing tall but not so much width wise I see new leaves but I thought it would be fuller by now :grimacing:

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Post a picture, they definitely grow at their own pace

love your autos from afar.

What’s the difference between photos and autos?trish

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