New to autos need help with these

Opinion on nature living soil for autos w/ ffof. Wedding cake seeds. Suppose to be water only till harvest??!!??

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Are you saying mix FFOF with this living soil?

Yes I am supposed to be all nutrients for autos

@IslandGrown76 let me clarify that. I used ffof and Natures Living Soil specifically for autos. Looking for guidance on these girls…new to autos

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Autos can be fussy for sure, but can certainly be done in living soils. FFOF is great but can be a little hot, especially for autos, but I can’t see why it couldn’t be blended in. My whole philosophy in soil science is that when you start mixing different companies soils together you change the soils footprint of what nutrient levels are there. This is a great recipe I use for my autos when I do them, which is seldom now, but if I do this is my go to recipe.

A few weeks in I feed them organic liquid nutes at a 1/4 strength.

I would use a great compost and maybe even look into making your own compost teas which I use to provide fantastic vigorous growth all organically

Natures living soil specified ffof. 5-gallon fabric pots blend 1&1/4 cups of NLS and ffof 3rd of the way in pot filled the rest w/ ffof they are 4 days above ground. Running Bestva 1000w led 18 hrs. 1 cup of 7.0 ph water is all that’s been added.

@IslandGrown76 compost tea?

Hi I have some compost but have not used it yet I have a plant that is about three weeks old and a new seedling coming out should I use some in them ? Thank you

What does ffof stand for ?

Fox farm ocean forest

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Yes sir!! Oh man start doing some reading… it’s the best!!,Compost%20tea,select%20for%20the%20aerobic%20bacteria.

That’s what I bought for soil :blush:

Hi do you put compost on the top after the soil if you are using a container to grow ? How much do you use with a baby plant ? Thank you

Can you give me plant info: auto, photo, age of plants, soil they are in now, whether you have added in any additional nutrients, etc?

If your plants are already in FFOF I would wait…what size containers? FFOF is quite hot…too hot for seedlings. The 3 week old plant should be fine in the FFOF for a while depending on how big of a pot it is in will tell you how long before a plant uses up what nutrients are available to it.

Hi only one is the other is from potforpot and all they send you with it ty

Did I ruin the seed it’s in a jiffy pellet then in ffof I hope it don’t die , what do you mean hot ? Ty

Soil looks super wet, what kind of water ?

Hot from the amount of nutrients : manure, worm castings, etc. Seedlings don’t like alot of nutrients as they do not feed heavily in the beginning stages of growth.