New indoor grow. Will post pics daily. FF soil and trio first grow royal cookies

You’re like a proud father with all those baby photos.

Why didn’t you fill your solo cup?

I tried 4 combos with different starter soil combos and the low nutes little puck I had, didnt come out to as much medium as I thought, so i rinsed out ffof because i was afraid of nute burn so young…soooo long answer…idk why I didnt fill them higher. lol. I was just happy they were growing. I’m running solo here, except for my forum friends! Nutrient burn and over watering was def one of my avoidable mistakes I was nervous about but so far so good. About to repot soon. Always looking for advice and constructive criticism. I couldn’t do this without you guys!
Thanks @NeoGroR

I totally over watered my seedlings. I was in FFOF, didn’t experience nute burn luckily. Check out my grow journal.

Plant them low and as they grow back fill soil around the stalk.

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Pretty much how it ended up. One way or another. Lol a couple whoops!

I was planning to repot these guys into 5 gal fabrics until I noticed the brown spotting on 2 of the lowers leaves offline the right plantand a little damage on a leaf on the left. Calcium def. Since I’ve had them in not too hot of starter soil. Can I go ahead and repot these guys still, or should I try to work on them a little first…and with what. If anyone could help, I’d be eternally grateful. This is my new therapy and I’m stressing out right now. Thanks everyone and stay safe!

I’m sorry for adding you if wasnt supposed to do that, I’m trying to learn how to use this wonderful support group. I’m not social media savvy, tech yes, but these forums and stuff idk. Im not sure if people will see my posts, or if I’m even in the right area. Thanks everyone though!

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I would leave them in the dixie cups and if room add some more soil./perlite… Maybe even chop the bottom limbs later but, for now Leave them as long as you can, When roots start coming out the bottom is a good time to transplant. I would not worry about those leaves and start with your fert. They seem to young to have any major problems. Make sure you water good . Lots of drain holes and when you water with fert , fill it up and let it drain, dont be stenchy with it. Notice the weight of the cup dry so you know when to water. Calmag should be in your arsenal since some plants love it and it is cheap enough to add to your reg fert. program . It is in bloom when a calcium def. will hurt the most.

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Be careful with the Miracle Gro perlite. It has added time released fertilizer. I would ditch it, and get plain perlite. U will be really prone to nutrient burn, if it’s added to the ocean forest…

Hi, I read that the fert. in the perlite is .07/.07/.07. Just enough fert to say there is fert. in the perlite. I dont think he has to worry too much about the added fert.

My ladies here have been growing pretty nice since I added some ffof/ ffhf to my solo and watering a little more consistantly, but they kinda drooping, the fears. They look good, except for maybe drooping and the lower leaves from cal def…I think. Any thoughts. I cant wait to repot these gals to get some nites on them and move them to my tent.

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They perked right back up after a little irrigation.
Hoping to transplant soon. I think I have a game plan there. From everyone’s posts of course! I’m using fox farms everything. I plan to mix ocean forest with happy frog evenly and run the trio(big bloom, tiger… and on these guys. Should I lean towards using 1/4 notes after transplant or none at first. Or just happy frog and not worry about to much of the extra nutes? Go with like 1/4 strength or so? First grow here, I have ilgm wwautos but found these seeds in a bag and decided to test run one first(cause theyre a little more forgiving) Any advice is much appreciated. And tha nan is for everyone’s help already!!!

How do those plants look?

I’m working on getting all my pics in one place. I’ve since transplanted and surprisingly looking good to me!

50/50 of and Hf
Only into a 3 gal cause I cant find perlite locally with my scheduling and store openings and my human babies and shipping is taking a lot longer on some of my stuff.
Learning as I’m going…they’re still alive and green, so I’m super happy. Any future help and all previous is very much appreciated.
I will be putting them in my 3’x3’ probably tomorrow. Converted big dog crate. While I figure where to get my 3/4 inch conduit corners for my main one I’m building. That’s all I need and I’ll have a nice probably 4x8x7 or so for all the ILGM WWAF I have then the gold leaf. These seeds I’m using here, I didnt even think would germ. Lol they came in my bud I know it’s a lot and I dont even know sex yet, but honestly this was just practice gone waaaaay better than I thought it would. So why not it run with it. Tell me what ya think and thanks for all the help everybody…stay safe!!!
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Lol. I have the step in between on my wife’s phone just detailing the transplant and lots of pics as always. I’ll update as soon as I can


The solo cup transplant into 3 gallon fabric pots at the moment, because my perlite didnt come in yet and it was time! So I’ll do 1 more transplant to 7 gallon fans with my proper I ingredients.

This was at day 30, I believe. Sprouted may 27

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