New indoor grow. Will post pics daily. FF soil and trio first grow royal cookies

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Day 36, any tips, help from here. About to step up soon to either 5 gallon, which I have or if the 7 gallon fabric pots come in, those. Idk. Gonna be my light seedling nute, first feeding today. And get em in the bigger tent for now.


Maybe these ones will go through. I think it hung up on an mp4.

Sorry for the double tag, my 3 friends. Didnt look like it loaded

I see you replanted. The reason I keep my plants in dixie cups until roots come out the bottom is because now you will need twice the fert to fertilize your plant and just more trouble to move and water. If you are going to try to manifold I would top it and cut out a bottom branch or two., limbs low get cut off eventually anyway. You should be fertilizing now. I am finishing some plants from clones from flowering Super Skunk and Gold Leaf. I never seen so many buds on one plant that was maybe a two weeks old clone and put it into 12 hours light and it took off.

Wow sounding great. I will keep watching and learning! I kept getting mixed reviews about the roots, whether they were already done for. and I’m learning. But I see what you mean with the bigger pot faster is more nutes used faster with more media. Was wondering about that, got my snips ready to go for the bottom couple leaves. May shed a tear…just one. So excited to get to cloning and everything really. I’ve got a lot to learn right now with my scrogg netting and FIMing and LST. Any thoughts on gender yet or immediate worries?

Meant to include you earlier. If you get the time, I’ll take any help, advice, tips, constructive criticism…anything, anyone…I’m here to learn. My post is under nutrients and plant care, I’m sure I clicked something wrong originally. Can I change the topic, if so, will that help me get more replies from people. I feel like im lost in a corner somewhere. Lol

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They look great. I keep mine in flower in 5 gallon bags. They do fine. In my veg tent, my mothers are in 7 gallon bags.

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Still the slightest moist. I refuse to overwater. I put a little water in last night to get me through a couple days. It was pretty dry because I was gonna attack my nute watering, but in nervous and need to get a couple things done, like make sure my meters are calibrated. And figure out my ppm before and after and build a rack for my lights. Is it too soon for full veg light? I’m at about 8,000 lux at highest point of plant. Do you think I they can handle 10k or 12k. That’s all I’m lacking with my new tent.its a little shorter than my setup now,like 6 inches, but I’ll have a hundred 200 ft³ room soon at least here as soon as my mail arrives :slight_smile: I’m using the fox farm trio, btw. Any advice on watering. Should I start using veg nutrients. I’ve only used the plant food VERY diluted last week so nutes are intimidating to me. Lol. I’m gonna take it easy still but idk maybe seedling or transplant dosages, or 1/3 or 1/4 doses.

I think the hardest part of starting plants is that you never want to cut off a possible bud sites but since you have two, you should go for a manifold on one. by topping and removing a bottom branch or so…It will be a while before your cloning from that plant and clones dont do as well at manifolding, for me anyway…

I haven’t ever gotten into cloning. Just never thought of it as being possible, with weed, I guess.
So I never tried. @LawKnee thanks for the tag along invite.

These came from seeds in a bag of royal cookies lol. Im building my growntents right now wwaf. Which maybe is where I shouodvebsyarted. But Cloning is Very scary to me, but then I dont think it really should be.

Your girls look good enough to date, they would even get a 2nd date. Lol @LawKnee

Ok, so my girls, I hope/think…what do you thing? were getting thirsty and they’ve had no nutes yet, except in the soil. So I have them in 3 gallon ffof ffhf mix. Perlite will be in the mail soon, must be another use for it as toilet paper or something. Cause it’s nowhere local, that I can get to in time. So I am careful on overwatering right now and put a gallon of 7.7ph tap water with a 1/4 to 1/3 (it’s hard to gauge with that thing)tbsp of ffbigbloom plant food in each. Fox farm recommended 1 tbsp for transplants/seedlings There wasnt enought for runoff, with a gallon each, it has to be close though, but they got some good juices, so they gotta be happy, I think… i just solo cup transplanted them a few days ago, so the roots should still get plenty of liquid. Again…you guys are the best and any help is much appreciated!
Hey, and if I messed something up, please tell me so I can fix it and learn. No harsh feelings ever.

Been getting my ab roller workout in!

I’m around 8500 900 lux right now. Is that alright. Or can they handle more

Anybody got any guesses on sex?

Try to get that water pH to 6.5 at least. @LawKnee

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Female @LawKnee


Looks simple enough @Draco1 but man, it must more obvious in the next few days. Ts scaaaaary. I’m in my growroom every few hours, so I should be able to tell in time.

From bottom to Top, numbers 7,13,14,15 pic. is female. Unsure about the rest. @LawKnee