New Grower - worried about first grow progress

@Covertgrower This is above my paygrade. What do you say?

I appreciate the great compliment and this forum, coupled the the seeds from ILGM has everything to do with my first grow success. I think this is the hardest stage of the grow, patiently waiting for the harvest window to open. Thank you HMGRWN

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Just comparison pictures

Trying USB again

I would say you could probably start with just watering feeds for about the final two weeks of its life if you wanted now? Or you could add in a sweetener if you haven’t already? That’s just my 2 cents, but just know if you add in the sweetener now just flush before you pull or make sure you have two weeks of just water if you’re not comfortable on flushing yet. All in all though your girls look absolutely gorgeous

Those look great. Just finishing my first grow as well. Hit 100 days old today from sprout, and still feel as if they are not completely finished yet. But due to my Sour Diesel auto starting to Hermie on me I’ve decided to take 3 of the 4 out this weekend.

Thank you for the input! I have just been giving water this week. Since this is nearing the end of my adventurous first grow, I’m not adding sweeteners. These plants started in a window, this forum saved them. I’m attempting harvest at all cloudy/milky. I’ll snap some trichome pictures tomorrow.

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Anytime bro :slight_smile:
When you’re drying the temps you have them in is about 63-75 and the humidity should be anywhere from 40-65. You want complete darkness too, leave them in drying for about or until you press on them and dont feel it as wet (Just how I feel it out) but afterwards grab some mason jars get some mini temp sensors to throw in the jars with the bud and boveda packs for moisture and just air them out a couple times a day and enjoy your smoke :smiley:
@Covertgrower if i missed anything ?

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I meant to say leave them drying for a week, smoked right before I wrote that lol

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Shots from today. Do these look cloudy? I’m trying for all cloudy, very minimum amber.

You still have some time

Thank you, I have visual impairment (glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa), so it is very difficult for me to tell. To me, they look like the Cloudy trichome picture from the chart you posted. I’ll keep watering as needed and wait, thanks again!

thats great!!! gives me hope, im in my 1st indoor grow as well, and i have been asking myself these same questions. are they behind, am i overdoing it or worring to much about a weed lol u know 1st time grower issues. u relived some of my stress with these beauts!!! enjoy the buds of your labor friend!!!

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You are very close. You could harvest just the most mature buds now and let some keep developing.

@hoosier_grower The emotional investment is real, LOL. It’s been a while since a hobby has captured so much of my attention.

@HMGRWN I will consider the partial harvest approach, thanks