New grower who would appreciate the help

@MidwestGuy yes sir and I put the fan a little closer so the seedlings are blowing a little bit is that okay or is that to much movement for them?

A gentle breeze is the best you can probably do. If the seedlings lean a bit in the breeze it is okay (even good for them.) Having them flap around in the wind will be too much.

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@MidwestGuy well good no flapping though Gene (American Pie) is leaning a lot i got scared and used a little toothpick to prop him back up if that is okay as well. I promise everything you tell me will be done to the T lol but i really want to thank you for being such a big help

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Welcome. That is what we are here for. Given that they are leggy, propping them up is a good idea.

Happy growing.


@MidwestGuy okay great Louise (Northernlight) is leggy but not leaning so i just left her alone

@PurpNGold74 do you mind sending me the link of the meters you feel i should get im not gone lie those ppm meters are high i am a struggling grad student who’s spouse dont allow her to shop a lot because i lose my mind :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: but whatever i need for my babies im getting but cheaper options if available

My seedling mat dries the seedling cups in less than a day. Drip catcher can be used for bottom soak up watering. My 1-ounce kitchen baster utilized for seedling watering away from seedling helps prevent over-watering and allows directional application. Why is it always the hardest to reach, wants attention?

@DEEPDIVERDAVE unfortunately i dont have a mat :frowning_face:

It’s a good idea. Can you put them on a cable box or other appliance that creates a little bit of heat? I know people who use their cable boxes to accomplish the same thing.

I experience spillage…
House Heat vent?
AC and water Not advised.
DOD-USN-AT (Aviation Electronics Technicians are taught mixing electricity and water not good practice, unless you want to “LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE”). AN/USM636 test bench hit me with 270VDC, once. EARs still ring.

@MidwestGuy @DEEPDIVERDAVE i do have a heating pad i can take the fuzzy cover off sterilize it then put the plants on that? if thats okay

@DEEPDIVERDAVE im sorry you lost me here im confused

Good point. Make sure that you place them such that water cannot leak down into the vent holes of any appliance.

Not necessary so long as it hasn’t been sitting in a super dirty environment.

@MidwestGuy awwwww okay i understand but would the heating pad on a low setting be alright

also do you want me to take them out the tent and place them on the mat i dont like taking them out much scared of pest

@MidwestGuy no just in my room lol

@MidwestGuy since you feel the heating pad is okay how long do you want me to let them sit also what does the heating pad do for them im interested in knowing what it does

Heat will help the soil dry out more quickly.

@MidwestGuy okay so would you like for me to do it inside the tent?

@PurpNGold74 @MidwestGuy

would this be an okay reader?

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