New grower who would appreciate the help

Hello i’m a new time grower and i’m growing
og kusk
american pie
and northern light auto flower

I just wanted to know when and how I should use the Fox Farm products. I’m using the fox farm ocean soil and I have all three of the ff nutrients. Also is there a certain water schedule any auto growers would recommend oh and I’m growing indoors this time if anyone can help me, I would highly appreciate it


You won’t need nutes for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant.

The best way to manage nutes is to get yourself a PPM meter and monitor runoff PPM. Begin feeding when PPM dips below 1,000 and then maintain that level.

Be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings. It doesn’t matter if it is an auto or a photo.


what is a ppm meter so I can go get one and is there a watering schedule you recommend?

also am I allowed to show you what they look like so far, it’s only day 3 for 2 of them Og kush is moving a little slow


It is a meter that measures parts per million (PPM) of the solution you are evaluating. It is a great way to evaluate the nutrient concentration in your soil. BlueLab and Apera both make great meters.

It’s going to vary depending on your environment and depends on factors such as the size of the plant, lighting intensity, and so on. There is no fixed schedule you can follow. Assuming the plant is an adult plant, soak the soil and then let it dry out before you water again.

Yes. Members post pictures all the time.


Everything the Midwest GOAT has said is spot on.

Id like to add, since ur only 3 days into the grow. Be very wary of overwatering. Normally I soak the soil before dropping seed then dont add more for at least a week or two. The reason is the roots arent very well developed to they take most their moisture from the air (which is why alot of people dome new seedlings).

Also, post those little ladies. Im here for the pics haha


lol. I have my moments, especially this morning.


Ur on a roll dude. Toot that horn all you please LOL…

Sidenote @dachea the ppm/tds/ec meter is less… sensitive then a pH one. Any cheapie $10-15 meter from amazon will last you a long time. The pH meter is more important to drop up front on. The Apera 20 is my goto. Have had both (well all 3, 2 ppm meters) for going on 3-4 years now.


Nice :metal::metal:


Hello Im back since I am a new user I can only make limited post

This is Lousie (northernlight auto strain) she looks a little leggy to me but im not sure

This is Gene ( american pie auto)
My other plant name is Tina (Og kush auto)

If your familiar with the show bob’s burgers then you’ll understand my plants names lol annnnnywho

All plants are in FFOF soil
I do have the FF nutrients of course i have not used any yet though
They were born 3-3-22 except Tina
The temperature in the grow room is no lower than 68 no higher than 73 it keeps the same temp as my house
Humidity levels are no lower than 60% no higher than 73%
I think my water ph is a little high it 7.04 I am using tap water at the moment though and I live in Louisiana
This is my second grow my last grow did get pretty far but I was not able to get a yield they all died so this time around I want to be successful. Im very willing to learn no matter who is helping me and so far to the people who have helped me thank you and i have made notes of what has been told to me


This is Tina just so yall can see her
My tent is 32x32x63
I will have three 5 gallon fabric pots
and i get a new light source tomorrow with 600w

sorry the plants were born 4-3-22 and tina went into her pot on that date

@dachea Good luck with the girls. You have some great people helping you here. Im just listening and learning :blush:


thank you :blush:

When your new light arrives you will enjoy figuring out how this chart applies.
I am still learning to count. You arriving light is what?

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They are asking for more light. Better lighting will eliminate the stretch, as they are reaching up to get closer to the light.

Your seedlings are very overwatered. The whole of the grow medium should not be wet. Seedlings at this age only need a few ml of water per day.

The best way to get seedlings the water they need is to cover them with a dome (a cut pop bottle or a clear Solo cup works fine.) Mist inside the dome a couple of times each day. The seedling can get all of the water it needs from the humidity in the dome and it eliminates the need to water the soil at all.

Overwatering is the leading cause of seedling failure. The wet soil drowns the root and it results in root rot (aka damping off.)

Cannabis needs wet/dry cycles to thrive.

They otherwise look healthy at this point. Turn up the lighting and back off the water and they will be fine.

Nutes won’t be needed for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant if using FF Ocean Forest. Get yourself a PPM meter after those 4 to 6 weeks and monitor the runoff PPM. Feeding should start when the PPM dips below 1,000. Maintain a PPM of ~1,000 after that.


@MidwestGuy Okay the new light will be installed today when it comes.

i didnt think i was over watering since i was just spraying them but, yes sir i will be more careful

is it okay for me use old water bottles since that all we drink in my house

also they last ones that died they were babies they were huge they died only because i went on vacation that’s why I’m trying to redeem myself…

but i am about to do the domes as we speak i figured she was leggy ima get them together though very happy my new light is coming today being in Louisiana it rains a lot so i had to do them indoors this time

@MidwestGuy @PurpNGold74

I made the little domes no air is coming in or out is this okay or do i need to try something else


No need to worry. The seedlings are so small that they can breathe fine and it’s only temporary. They will be too big for a dome within a week.

My advice may have been premature for this particular situation. Domes are a best practice, but the most important thing for them right now is for that soil to dry out. Cannabis hates wet feet and seedlings are particularly vulnerable. Put a fan on them and leave them open so that the soil dries out quickly. You can then do the dome thing.

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@MidwestGuy yes sir ill take the domes off they have a fan in there on high so ill let the soil dry out today and place the domes back on in the morning. what do you think?

The morning may be too quick. Put the domes back on after the soil dries out.

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