Naturalmedmans late-season grow

The last pic ypu posted has a suspect leaf brown spot
I’d check it out
Plant looks gorgeous tho hate bud rot


She really looks great. I would use glove when removing the rod and not touch the rest of plant it spreads easy. I was having same situation with rs # 2 so I chop her up and gave her a bud wash last week. That’s your call though


I agree, that last pic has a suspect spot on it


Agreed. I see that little brown spot too.


Usually anything that looks wrong, is.

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Thanks @Deez @Lacewing @LegalizeIt @SilvaBack203 @AfgVet. Of course that other brown spot is on the other main kola :sob: I ran out of daylight today so will check and cut tomorrow.

So I started drying that little nug sample in my basement and it stunk up the entire house. Kids and wife weren’t happy. :open_mouth: Moved dehumidifier and the nug to the garage. I guess that will be my drying spot for now on.

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Dad there’s a skunk in the house. Ewww if u dont get that s out of here lmao. I can imagine


Exactly! I got an earful yesterday lol!

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My wife was cool as a cucumber. She even helped me trim.

My basement stank, but the kitchen right above the hanging plants was relatively odor-free.


Had to cut off almost the entire 2nd main kola today due to rot. The secondary kola looks like it’s next to go tomorrow. At this point I think I’m just going to need to harvest it this weekend or there will be nothing left. Nights are consistently 90-100% RH and everything is soaking wet in the morning. The late season grow was worth a try. At least now I know that I really do need to harvest by end of sept. It’s a bummer but maybe I’ll get something out of this plant. Maybe I can make a tincture if it doesn’t smoke well. It certainly smells great and is super sticky. I’ll try the sample I took this Friday and then make the final call.

Here’s what’s left:

Secondary kola starting to rot:

@SilvaBack203 @Deez @Lacewing @AfgVet @LegalizeIt

Is this septoria?

Secondary kola got chopped this morning. :frowning_face:

It’s sunny today but still 90% humidity. Pretty sure she’s getting harvested on Saturday.

It really would benefit from a few more weeks but don’t think it’s going to make it.

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I’d be suspect of that last pic being bud rot

As far as the leaf spots go I see a plant doing what it does nearing the end of its life cycle and I’d dismiss it all together if it were me
You’ll have harvested by the time ypu figure out and apply a remedy …but I also just think some plants look worse than others this close to harvest

Check out that brown leaf on your last pic …
I’d be willing to bet if you dig in there you will find bud rot

Between now amd Saturday isn’t going to make that big a difference if you ask me maturity wise either


Try 2 harvest it today when it’s getting dark out


I was gonna say this too or even in the early AM depending on if they want more wet or dry buds to dry and cure depending on it’s last drink
I also went by the lunar calendar and yanked mine just before sunrise at low tide and also waning moon
I read that’s when the plant has the least moisture up in the buds …and i had watered about two days before

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Probably won’t have time to harvest until Saturday so I stuck it in the garage with a dehumidifier. Also watered it this morning which was probably a dumb idea.

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No it isn’t a dumb idea …my second plant got watered and then I yanked it 40 hours later due to a weather situation I’d rather not put it through…it was just a little less mature than what I wanted but it’s curing up to me some super fine smoke and I have no regrets .

Don’t sweat the small details …one thing I learned as that we all may aim for perfect but almost none of us get it perfect …

You’ll be just fine …you’ll see in hindsight you gained knowledge that will arm you in the future with the ammunition you need to solve it

I don’t think watering is going to harm or help the WPM …
As I also think of the dehumidifier…
Unless you are working with the temperature too …to control that .

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I had hoped for a better result on this grow but never really had high expectations given how late I started. The goal was definitely to learn, test and maybe get some nice buds. While premature, what’s left does look and smell great so probably not a total loss. Tried new things like using using new nutrients, watering more often, PHed water and could really see a difference from my last grow. And now I know the deadline to harvest in my area.

I’m already thing about next season and debating which strains to grow and if I’ll do autos, photos or both. Got a credit with ILGM since the blue dream auto seeds tried earlier in the season were duds. Tough decisions!

The garage isn’t climate controlled, but since it’s attached to the house it’s usually between 60-70 degrees around this time of year. With the dehumidifier it’s at 60-65% RH. Just hoping to slow the rot until Saturday. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I can put it out in the morning.

I saw you harvested and things looked great. Have you tried it out yet?

I would try to remove any so it doesn’t spread

I’m pretty steady smoking on it lol …hard not to as it’s better than all the dispo buds I have which is a lot lol …
Made edible chocolates too using the QWET method shown in detail on a blog made by another user here

Going to drop it here incase you wanna have a look you can also use all your non infected trim larf and sugar leaves
That’s what I did the recipie I used for the chocolates is also the next blog entry down from this

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I agree with @Lacewing about the bud rot. Pull that bud apart and you’ll see it. Do not smoke or use it for edibles. You can try to cut it out but make sure to cut out good material all around it