Naturalmedmans late-season grow

Hi all,

This is my first grow journal and second “real” grow. Unfortunately I lost my gorilla glue auto to mold a few weeks ago. I put it in a pop up greenhouse to protect it from some incoming storms while I was out of town, and despite cutting holes for extra ventilation, it was clearly still too humid.

So now I’m starting a late season grow and hoping to at least have a small harvest. This time around I’m trying an ILGM northern lights photo. I tried germinating my last blue dream auto as I was hoping for a sativa hybrid, but it was dud. My rationale for picking northern lights photo over another gorilla glue auto was:

  1. I figure they’d both flower at about the same time (GGA flowered after 3 weeks)
  2. The buds on my GGA foxtailed like crazy from the very start. I’m thinking it was due to low temperature swings when it first started flowering. With a late season grow I think I’ll get some low temps (50s) when it flowers.
  3. northern lights are supposed to be pretty mold/bud rot resistant.

Hopefully I made the right choice! I have seen some recent posts about photo plants already flowering in my region (northeast).

So here are the details:

  • strain: ILGM northern lights photo
  • soil: coast of Maine seed starter and then stonington/platinum
  • light: cheap Amazon clamp LED, then sunlight
  • climate: northeast
  • nutrients: worm castings, fish bone meal, langbeinite, molasses, fox farms trio (beastie blooms, open sesame, cha ching)

Seed just sprouted today, so here we go!

My GGA pre-mold:

Buds I would have harvested if not for the mold (way too airy looking!):

Thanks in advance to all who follow along and provide thoughts along the way!


Welcome to the community. Im a new grower and also started late at least you have autos. Just stay on top of your ladies and hopefully the weather helps you this time

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Here it is one week since sprout. All is going well. 2 sets of true leaves and working on the third. Just been feeding water, putting it out in the sun when weather permits and supplementing light with my cheap LED clip light. Hoping it really starts to take off during the next week. Running low on veg time!

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Nice lady

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Thanks! It’s like watching paint dry. In the words of the greats Tom petty “waiting is the hardest part!” Just checked out your journal. Looks like you got good things happening. Best of luck!

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It’s only been a few more day and 11 total since sprout but she is starting to take off. Has first set of 5 finger leaves and is working on the second. Also noticed some root tips poking out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. I changed some things up this time which may be helping it grow faster. I used COM seed starter on the top and COM stonington on the bottom, plus watered with a little great white a couple days ago.

Thinking I probably need to transplant this weekend to her permanent home outside. I’m a little nervous she’ll flower too quickly since days are getting shorter, plus weather hasn’t been so great. But I also don’t want stunt growth by keeping her in a pot that is too small (1.8 QT).

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Two weeks since sprout and growing real nice. Transplanted to final home outside today in Coast of Maine Stonington, with a little extra worm casting, fish bone meal and langbeinite. Also dusted roots with great white. When I took the plant out of the 1.8 quart container, roots looked healthy and filled out the container. It was definitely time to transplant.


Looks extremely happy…glad ya got it figured out :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

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Thanks! Hoping weather holds out and I can get another 2 weeks before she starts to flower.

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Shes a beauty. Loving that sun

Only 4 days later and more than doubled in size since transplanting. Plus it rained 3 of those days. Not sure why it’s growing a little crooked but stem is sturdy. Some strange color on the leaves. Nutrient deficiency seems unlikely since it’s in brand new super soil. Maybe phenotype? No signs of sex/flower. Thinking I should top or LST this weekend.

Are you feeding nutes at all? Could be hungry….looking at the leaves could be nitrogen potassium or phosphorus dificiency…I would lean towards potassium or phosphorus though….if it continues after you feed them you might need a good flush…I could be wrong about the flush part though hopefully others can help figure it out

It also could just be a mild sunburn from water hitting the leaves….might need to check ph/ppms so you KNOW what’s in your soil and where your plant truly is

I had the same train of thought as you you @grizZz but none of them are a perfect fit. I’m growing in coast of Maine stonington which is loaded with nutrients. The only additional nutes I’ve added were a little extra fish bone meal and langbeinite for potassium and phosphorus since it’s so late in the season and I’m expecting it to flower very soon. Also added a little worm casting and watered once with a bit of kelp extract. If anything maybe the soil is too rich. Rain/sun burn would seem possible but the pattern is very similar across all leaves, even those on the bottom. Since the plant is otherwise healthy and growing really nicely I think I’ll just give it water for the next few days and see how things go.

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Right on…if it seems to get worse it might be the soil like you’re thinkin

New growth seems to be free of discoloration so whatever it was, it seems to be resolving. Now to top or LST :thinking:?

Still no pistils showing yet, which I’m a little surprised about since it’s mid Aug. I thought it would go straight to flower when I put it outside.

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I think a fim would be a good idea

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Topped it last night!

Hows she doing today after it

She was looking good this morning. I’ll report back in a few days. Went out of town for a short trip. A little nervous about the soil drying out. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy your trip and she good they are tough. Be safe