My leaves are curling up again?

Yea now I bin reading lot in short time what is considered first true node the 1st set of 3or 5 leaves ??? Well u kno what I mean.Still learning somethings

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I counted the first node with the baby leaves on it.

The single leaf with edge right

I think i counted from the roundish first leaf. I know i counted every joint “node” until I had 5, then i chopped the top off just below the 4th node. Then i let it grow for 2 days and then cut off all the undergrowth.

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Well ight sounds good I should b good to top by tomorrow give a day or so… U kno I always wander how to get multi colas exciting

I understand the excitement, this is a fantastic hobby. I can’t wait to smoke my own bud…I can’t quit looking at my plants, I’m like a kid with a new toy.
Tag me with your progress. Good luck

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@Dino1 So I jus mainline my critical n now in 2 days I chop off bottoms

Hey Buck, wait and let those little bud sites, those little bitty leaves in the forks of the leaves you have pinned down now, grow out some more and then pin them and the two leaves down together.

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You are right about trimming off all of the under growth in 2 days, then like I said above let the little leaves grow out and then pin them down.

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Yea pin the flower site when it gets lil bigger right??if so they already started growing past the stub… Amazing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You got it Buck.

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Buck, I tried but couldn’t tag you. Ck out # 2 got a haircut this morning.


this is my baby after a lil haircutt as well I wanted you to see how she coming alon

She is looking good Buck.

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Thankbyou yea I can’t wait to see how she’s doing this morning jus lik bit longer n lights on to see my ladies

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I know the feeling…

Well she is moving on up an doing so well going try 4 main colas hope is goes o so well… Wanted to say what’s up show u progress an ask bout your mainlinin beauty

Hey brother @Dino1 wanted to see how things are coming along…

@Dino1 @Low @alienofasoul check out amnesia haze going into dark period

It was such a scary walk from tent to living room closet I can’t believe how big she is n amnesia 8 is in tent by herself now n wow she is huge


Amnesia 8 now alone

@Low @alienofasoul @yoshi

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