My leaves are curling up again?

If you are in soil, just PH’D water.

Thanks MWG…

I just hope my ph pen is accurate. Still confused about the watering V feeding thru the week.

After more research, I believe this minor problem is due to root development not being able to keep up with transpiration. Thank you all for your time and input.

Update: After feeding them this morning the curling leaves on #1 all but disappeared. They all perked up, live and learn.

Your light could b to close or its pH but looks like lighting. Sorry didn’t see bottom of zforum lol sorry

Thanks Buck, yea she’s OK now.

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Yea these babies r tough I sprayed mine for 2 days with water down windex n when I realized I thought they were trashed but man it must of helped them lol an may I asked what u did to your plant

I just fed it Some New Earth Smart tea and New Earth Custom grow 7-9-5

I swear I can almost see it growing.

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Don’t you love that , I love catching them when their actually growing fight in front of you. I was jus saying this to myself ( I swear she jus grew ) its so f-ing cool. I truly love everything cannabis have to offer when growing… BTW how is the new earth tea ??? N new earth nutes??? How’s that working I was reading up n sounds good

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@dino1 hey I wanted to ask did you brake your plant ??or why is main stems top missing???

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So far they seem to be working.

It’s not broke, I’m mainlining it.

What’s that? If you don’t mind me asking.

Sorry Buck, i just now found this. I am more than happy to answer your question.
It’s a method of training your plant to get the maximum amount of buds with an even canopy when growing inside. You can also camouflage your plant outdoors with this method. Look up mainlining by Nugbuckets. There’s a kid on youtube that has the 5 steps laid out very well on how to do this, he always starts off with Hi Yall, it’s a beautiful day to be alive. Here’s what my first ever indoor plant looks like after her last topping.

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So that plant will actually have 4 main colas? Or jus keeping it low n even ? An that is a photoperiod??? I’m going check that guy out. Im very interested with what you r doing n the outcome I have gold fem coming soon IMA deff see what’s up with that video n if u dont mind follow ya to see your lovely lady’s results

It will actually have 8, they will grow off the little ends. It’s Acapulco Gold, its a photoperiod for sure…No problem Buck, and i would be honored to show you. I think i know how to tag now.

I watch video so u can mainline autos n I got 6 at node 3-4 so I’m going give this a shot with one my critical fast buds n see what happens

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Good luck Buck, just make sure you have at least 5 nodes before you start.