My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


@bob31 guess what?! I ordered a pH meter just like I promised I would! Should be here end of the month. Funny thing is…an hour after I ordered it a friend gave me his tri-meter!!! It’s a thing of beauty! Figures right?! But that’s ok…I’m sure I can use a spare. Here’s a pic of the manual…can’t wait to start using her :wink:

Stoked it has a thermometer!!

Here’s my meter;

And this is the one I ordered;


@Ozzymomma1 that looks class and the colours in the bud class, ha its always the way you sort something and then you end up with a Tri-Meter. How is it going for you mate or do you even have anything left to try it with lol. But when you do give it ago will you please let me know how it works and go’s for you well done an a very successful grow and Harvest.


Anyone have any suggestions on a home made cleaner for my pH probe? Would vinager work or hydrogen peroxide maybe???


A lot of good stuff :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:. Enjoy :v:


Interesting question… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Nice harvest! Congrats!!:tada:


great job. A lot of hard work but looks like it paid off


We need to get a pool going on your finial weight Just for fun I pick 14 and 3/4 oz . If this is not a good idea let me know and ill take this post down and in advance i mean no intrusion on your space or under estimating your harvest .


I ended up with close to 3lbs @Rexx!! :wink:


Here we grow on #3!! Hash Plant and Pineapple Monster clones! I hung my board which is finally up and running…thank the Lord and my electrician for that!

Here are the Monster Clones;

I’m not too sure if you can see the weird growth and leaves like I am trying to show?. I call them weirdo plants… cause they truly are,lol. They seem to be happy…I’m going to be putting them in their final home this week!
Here’s my board etc…


Them are clones right? :wink:
And that is the reason for being weird… Them will be fine and new growth will be like the mother plant…


Yes they are Clones. Apparently the weirdness is totally normal. And they are starting to get regular leaves now too. One thing is for sure…they are very very slowly growing!


Yes, but only for a while (them need to grow a root system before they took off)


That is a huge grow space lots of work but big payoff as well Now i have grow space envy


Here are some updated pictures of the Pineapple Kush Monster Clones…they are doing amazing and are finally looking like normal plants :slight_smile:


And them are going up now, nice :wink:


Am I the only one that smokes, and then starts liking year-old posts before I know it? Lol!

Anyway, they look awesome!


@Ozzymomma1 you got plenty there wish it was me I will follow along you plants look great :v:


Sorry I haven’t been updating! Been super busy lately. Plants are doing amazing! Just flipped them last Wednesday. These ones will be huge. My monster clones are getting huge too!! I have a ton of clones happening and I’m just in the middle of putting together a veg room. So ya…super busy :wink: I will post some pics later today!


Here is a hash plant;

And this is one of my Monster Clones;

All 10wk bud… all switched to 12/12 last Friday :slight_smile: