My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


Well…I cut one branch off each kind of skunk a few days ago cause I just had to try…couldn’t wait any longer,lol! OMG I just smoked a joint of the Deaf man’s kush and I am so high…almost nauseous! Fricken amazing! Next I’ll be tasting the pineapple! God I love this stuff!
Here’s a pic of dried Deaf man’s;


Too bad buds are so small…


@Ozzymomma1, they are looking excellent my friend class to see I have only grown from seed because off room more than anything, what you have is my dream for sure thanks for your replys and letting us have a look at your lady’s :+1:


They mite be small but little taste off heaven and medical medication sorted for a long time and the big ones come out @Ozzymomma1​:joy::sleeping::pensive::ok_hand:


Looking good!!!
Lady with a green thumb, is on a roll.


Hello everyone :slight_smile: So…I was a week off on my girls…they are now on their last week. Too excited and got ahead of myself I suppose,lol. But anyway I went ahead and split the stems on a few of them so I have a few that I can compare with to see if this actually does work or if it’s just a lot of work for nothing :slight_smile: Here are a few pictures of what I used and what it looks like :slight_smile:


@Ozzymomma1 I have never seen that done thank you for sharing with us :+1:


Its old school we use to save chopsticks and split them I was never quite sure if it makes difference but thats how my mentor aka Grandma did it.

And @Ozzymomma1 you could be a hand model for price is right.


From what i learned about splitting stem is Splitting the stem causes stress on the plant and forces it to create more trichomes.

Trichomes serve as protectors of the marijuana plants.


Thx everyone! I am very curious to see if it makes a difference! Only one way to find out right!

As far as my crop goes…today is the last day for water and light! I have found that cutting them off from both on the last three days before chop that it makes for much better weed. Drying it out stresses it (more crystal) and same with total darkness. My buds end up completely covered in crystal on chop day. I have people ask me how in the hell do u always get it so crystalie, LOL! Well that’s part of it!


Get ready for some final bud porn pics! I’ll be taking some and adding them sometime after 9:00am :wink:



Good morning bud porn alert!!! These will be the last pics if these girls standing! Next they will be getting the trim and hang…pics to come of course!


woot-woot! nice buds @Ozzymomma1


Just thought I would mention…the plants that I split them stems in are still in excellent shape! Absolutly no difference. Which is good in my mind. Now I know that it doesn’t stress them too bad. I did them 5 days before chop…some say to do it on 7 days before some say 4 days before. 5 seems good :slight_smile: Also I should mention I got away with using those small skewer sticks because my plants are very small. A pencil would have been way to big.


AWSOME!!! Great job there!!!


Those look beautiful. Great job and enjoy the Harvest of your hard-earned work.


Thanks for that tip. Because after reading this post and a few other ones I am going to do stem splitting myself on these girls that I raised from clone. There were some little gray areas I was thinking about such as what to use considering the diameter of the stock, etc and you mentioning a pencil is too big thus using your skewers. Great idea thank you for sharing


Excellent, a high bar to clear :ok_man:


@Ozzymomma1 they love brilliant your going to have a great day when you chop :grin:


OMG thank God that’s done! Harvest time…as much as I am so impatient for it…once it’s here…I hate it,lol! But needless to say the girls turned out amazing!! Here are a few pics of it all chopped down :slight_smile:

And here is the finished product;

And for those of you who are wondering if big bud works…here u tell me…