Mission to Mar...vellous buds! 🚀

Yeah chic I really think it would be acclimatisation. Same as us stupid mammals lol. Across Australia you can usually tell the tourists, even without hearing their accent, by what they’re wearing lol. One time I went to the Australian Open (Tennis) in Melbourne and the pilot announced the weather as we were coming into land. 40 degrees. The whole plane groaned audibly lol. We got off the plane, and in the shade, it honestly was like a 30 degree day here, because the Southerners just don’t have the humidity we have up here, which we thought was really pleasant :rofl:
In the southern states they either get wind off the Antarctic or out of that little desert that makes up most of our continent lol, and if that breeze changes direction, you can literally change 30 degrees in like, an hour!

But then again, up here in Queensland in winter we get the Annual Grey Nomad Migration (oldies in caravans from the southern states holding up the traffic on the highways lol) and when we locals are all still getting around in long pants and hoodies, they’re in shorts and shirts lol!


Since I was having those Nitrogen issues I’ve been scared to do much in the way of defol, but now that that’s sorted, I really have to get more aggressive on it, particularly when some plants don’t stretch up as well as others and stay quite squat (after the very basic, gentle LST style that I do) :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I love Consuela! Definitely one of the most underrated character of the entire show! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You say that like I’m not ‘normal’… who have you been speaking to?? :sweat_smile:

Thank you. So we are on day 44, I did the first defol 9 days ago, so would have been day 35 - probably should have done it sooner then :thinking:
So when do you recommend I do the next one? Sooner rather than later? :pray:


Yep - that would be me. With an added sombraro most likely, the sun is not my friend despite my best efforts… :hot_face:


Ditto! She has definitely stretched since the first defol. x



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: killin’ me!


That timeline (day 21 and day 42) is roughly dividing the flowering time in 3. That way you have relatively equal recuperating time between each session. And give your plant time to finish strongly. So I would do it now, if you need it. I would take almost all the leaves that have an inch long stem (or so) and keep some of them to prevent the soil from drying too quick, and help your baby recuperate. If we had excellent lights like some of the peeps here, we could take more. I tried both… a lot of defoliation and a bit less (keeping about 30%). And with our Mars Hydro, I strongly suggest to keep all that are not in the way of other buds. :nerd_face:

Then again, this is my experience only. Not science… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn, outta likes already :roll_eyes:
Thank you.

I didn’t plan on a defol at all in the beginning as I expected it to come out like my other attempts, not like this bushy beast!

Gotcha, makes sense.

I don’t know if I ‘need’ to do it, that’s the thing, she seems quite content. But I think I will do it to get more light to those bud sites underneath - I can’t be dealing with a progressive harvest, that’s too much hassle for me :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Thanks again Kap, you’re always there. Do you even have a day job? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :kissing_heart:


I’m at work now as we “speak”.

It’s called “multi-tasking” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh true? I didn’t know they do this! Well this is definitely a step that I’ve been missing and need to add in!


This is interesting! Thanks Kap!


Thanks for the love @Enlightened420 :heart:

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Most welcome, I’m all out now

:monkey: :briefs:

Have a great day CJ :v:


Good morning beautiful beings! :heart_eyes:
It’s a dreary Saturday morning here in Bluberry Planet - thunderstorms last night had my trusty co-pilot shaking like a leaf! :dog: :disappointed:

It’s week 7. As we transcend through the vortex into the world of flowering (I think we’re about a week into flowering), Little Blue is thriving despite the crazy temps we’ve had over here the last few days! :comet::hot_face:

It’s been so hot my seaweed extract bottle nearly exploded in the box I keep all my nutes in! :grimacing::grimacing:
Had to take it outside in case it went bang!

Anyway, here’s the latest pics since the defol, sorry they’re not very clear but the lighting was weird…

I’ve saved and frozen all my leaves trimmed so far … dunno what I’m gonna do with them yet :woman_shrugging:

I noticed some leaves were curling up at the edges, do I need to dial down my light a bit?

I hope everyone’s day is out of this world! :earth_americas: :dizzy:


Whatever you wish, I usually make brownies out of my trim, or caps :wink:

Leaf curl (taco) is usually caused by heat, ie. hot temps, low rh…
Not enough CO2 :thinking:
Probably other reasons too,
but I’m way to high to think of them…
@Arrow @repins12 @kaptain3d
Thoughts gentlemen?..


@Enlightened420 Thanks buddy! Outta likes already :disappointed:
Maybe because it’s been hotter than usual here it’s a bit of a change for her…?

RH is averaging around 50% but the temps in there have been over 33°c some days! Whereas usually it’s around 25-27°c.

Looks like the heat has passed for the most part now, so maybe I’ll see if it settles down and if not then back off the light a touch.

Oh man, I also had to chase a couple of gnats round in there the other day. Found and and squished one of them (for the record I don’t enjoy squishing bugs) and the other one I saw fly right in so I turned the light out real quick and tempted it out the tent with my phone torch! :laughing: can’t believe it actually worked! :rofl:

No sign of any more since but might get myself some stickies just in case.



@kaptain3d I am LOVING your avatar right now! Marvin is my fave! :heart_eyes:


And here’s some ‘today’ snaps for your enjoyment… :flying_saucer: