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Wow those trichomes have recovered and regrew nicely, you can see a few burnt ones in the first pic they look great nice and fat. When you are judging the tri for harvest you have to make sure you are looking at the ones on the actual bud and not the ones on the sugar leaves, remember leaves are liars :wink: timing is going to be a preference on what you prefer. Fresh cloudy with clear mix tri will give you a speedy high and the more amber you allow them to get the more CBD there will be which gives you the couch lock. Buds like fruit on a tree ripen at different times normally the top ones (getting the most light) will ripen sooner than the others. What I like to do is allow the top ones to get about 30-50% amber and when I cut em I’ll keep them separate and mark them with a N for nighttime and the others will have less to none that are amber for daytime giving you a little bit of each.

Edit = also looking at the pics you probably still have 2-4 weeks I look at the pistils (hairs) see how even the red ones are still straight this tells me they’re not going to be ready yet. Pistils give you some idea of ripeness but are not 100% reliable therefore trichomes are the best indicators. Now I have to say I’ve had some plants that the trichomes never ambered

I just trimmed n trained my current grow and thought I’d share some pics of before, during including some supercropping, and back in the tent. Once they recover I’ll top dress em with some flower food give it a week to cook and I’ll switch em to 12s for flower yay :crossed_fingers:

Great looking work there! Those are great examples of what i hope to achieve on my future grows. Getting this first one under my belt and learning what to expect and what to do when things happen that I don’t expect is big first step.

I appreciate the excellent advice on my up coming harvest. I especially like the statement “leaves will lie”. I will start concentrating on the trics on the buds themselves and ignore the sugar leaves.

So they could fatten up a little more if they go another 3 weeks or so! About 3 days ago I did a another flush with water PH’d to 6.5. I measured my run off and was getting around 7ish. My thinking was maybe i did get nutrient lock out when i overfeed and they might have a zinc deficiency. They are just about to dry out now, what do you suggest as far as feeding goes this close to harvest?

Did my final trim top dressed em with flower food, they’ll get one week to cook and I’ll switch em to flower. 9 plants all are 8 top manifolds


Hey @AxisCat how are the girls coming along?

Just love seeing them nice manifolds! :+1::ok_hand:

I have been super busy taking care of my wife… her blood pressure has been scary high. The changed her medications yesterday so hopefully it will come back down.

I am just patiently waiting for them to get done. One is starting to suck the nutrients out of the leaves, still waiting on the red pistils to retract more and the trichomes to turn amber.

Right on I figured they’d be ready to go by now I knew that they were getting close. I didn’t here any buts or oh mans so you must like what you are seeing. Keep an eye one em just be careful the more you touch the buds the more you can damage the trichomes then the obvious no trichomes no thc

Sorry to hear about your wife man that sucks to be sick through the holidays. Hopefully she’ll respond good to the rx change like you said. I know when they change mine it takes like 4 or 5 days to start feeling better and then by 6 or 8 your good that’s if it’s gonna work for you. I had the rest of the cancer cut out yesterday so I feel for her. It’s not fun wanting to be having fun and you can’t and with blood pressure the more you try to do the worse you feel and damn you get so tired.

Well good luck with everything we’ll talk again

Thanks friend… i will touch base when i do the chop!

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I think they are getting close, what do you think? These pictures of the buds not the sugar leaves. Thanks!


I say that’s a wrap my friend… you have reached climax :money_mouth_face::crazy_face:

Yes Sir I do believe that they look done :heavy_check_mark:


Great news! It is always nice to get that first success under your belt. I appreciate all the coaching and I am sure I will see around the boards. Take care and best wishes to you!

@AxisCat yes sir, congratulations

I switched mine to flower yesterday