LED or HPS for growing indoors in a bedroom?

Oh man i fee dumb asking this but there’s no instructions so i screww the anchors into the back yes i know but is there any danger like over screwing lol no
really like i say im all in working 2 jobs to buy the best equipment im nervous im gonna destroy something any insight

Not really. You might strip the screw I guess? I would just tighten it til it doesn’t wiggle and call it a day.

Sounds solid uhh hey these runber white grommets go under the set screw yea

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What’s those lights called again? I may just get one for a veg tent instead of burning a scorp and just keep it as a backup if one of the others goes down. I really don’t see the point of burning a scorp for veggies🤷‍♂️

Its uhh green beams 480 but the driver is HLG 480H im proud of it


Say buddy what should my distance be from top of plant and what intensity do you recommend

You using Android or Iphone?
Download the photone app, set it to sunlight option. It’ll help get you dialed in. If you’re using iphone you’ll need a diffuser.

Green Beams - green-beams(dot)com

I’d get it 20-24” from the top at around 50% and see how they respond. Or get Photone and aim for ~20-25 DLI.

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Omg where is the on offbutton its hung but no light ammeego

Man it hasnt turned on im getting kinda strange if i have to send it back im gonna loose it

If it isn’t turning on, it isn’t hooked up right.

I have the 240 not the 480 but let me take pics of what I’ve got going on.

Dimmer is plugged into the DIM+ DIM- labeled part of the driver

My boards are connected in a Y shape of wiring that then goes to the power cord - the Vo + and Vo - sections on the driver. So it goes cords from light boards → cord to Vo+/- on the Driver
Cord with the dimmer goes to the little connector for the Dim +/-

On the other side, the INPUT should only have one cord and you screw in your 3 prong cord to that side and plug that in.

There is no on/off for mine, only “dimmest to brightest” on the knob.

Oh man now im super worried i know its hooked up right ima go through it again maybe i missef something


Take a deep breath. Exhale. Maybe smoke a bowl. Lol. I’m sure you’ll get it sorted out my friend.

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Yeah, I suggest unscrewing everything from the driver and take it one step at a time.

Start with the Dimmer switch to the DIM+/-
Then connect the power cord to the INPUT.

Lastly connect the board to the Vo +/-

Then plug it in directly into a wall outlet - don’t use a strip or timers. Verify it works first; then move it to a power strip or a timer outlet.

You’ve got this. :muscle:t2:

Edit: mine came with an extension cord for more length. I suggest trying first without the extension cable unless you absolutely need it.

Ok ima do that now but i aint gonna lie im tripping the fuck out


Careful with the f bombs. Mods don’t like it lol

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My bad won’t happen again


Nothing guys oh man i was so depressed and then excited now im devastated i just lost my parents and man this hurts guys and I don’t know what to do anymore all I can ask is for yall to just pray fpr me

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Don’t panic! Just contact GB tomorrow. They may not reply til Monday but they’ll get back to you. The owner is a stellar and I know he’ll help get you situated.

Oh man so i took my light to my work iwork at a shell station plugged it in and nothing so i redox ed it just how i got it you think theyll honor my purchase yea I sure hope so i needthat very badly