LED or HPS for growing indoors in a bedroom?

I have four LED lights right now, but since I’m not seeing very large yields I’m wondering if a HPS would bring better results? One time I saw one plant yield 1/4 lb. from one 250 watt HPS, and so far with two 600 watt LED lights, even 6 plants do not yield as much in a 4’x2’x6.6’ grow tent. More than the 1200 watt total is too hot for the tent even with an intake and output inline fan system.

The grow tent may not be needed any longer since I think I can take over a bedroom, but is the HPS really that much better? It’s looks like it’s about $180-$200 for a 1000 watt HPS which can also use MH bulbs which seem to be pretty cheap, around $20.

The four LED lights I already have are listed below…

Two Wills 600 watt LED (consumes 102 watts) with a described 3’ by 3.75’ area at 24 inches height.

One Bloomspect 600 watt LED (consumes 132 watts) with a described 2.5’ by 2.5’ grow area at 22 inches height.

One Yintatech 1000 watt LED (consumes 100 watts) with a described 3’ by 3’ area at 20 inches height.

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So 132w

204 watts

And 100 watts

You have a total of 436 watts assuming all 4 lights are going at full power.

Yeah but you’re not using 600 watt LEDs. You just said it. You’re using 2 102 watt LEDs for a total of 204 watts. It should not be surprising that a 250 watt anything would give you a better yield than that.

I like LED lights because the technology allows for spectrum control - UV, infrared, deep red, blues, and everything in between. HPS and MH will do the trick but the cost is going to be dramatic in terms of heat generation and power draw (1000 watts for a 4x2 is insane).

There’s a reason they’re cheap. I’m in a desert so I can’t afford the heat those things put off. It would cost an arm and a leg to run enough AC to offset that.

As far as LEDs go, operate only off of the “actual watt” numbers and not the “equivalent watt” numbers because those are BS.

check out Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG), ChilLED Tech, AC infinity (selection is slim but lights are good. Very preliminary run of their lights), and Shenzhen KingBrite (disadvantage is you have to buy these direct from manufacturer off of Alibaba).


The title of the post metions this is being used in a bedroom, not a grow tent lol. 1000 watt HPS should be no problem heat-wise.

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I read the title and then also read the full post.

A tent

A grow tent, maybe able to use a bedroom. It’s your decision, just trying to let you know the big difference between HPS and LED will be heat and light spectrums.


I think graysin summed it up well


I would have never guessed.

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I’m curious whether you want advice or ?

Just trying to impart the bit of knowledge I’ve got.


What brand and model light are you using?
But @Graysin pretty much summed it up for you.


Moot point by now since I’m going with a bedroom now, thanks though.

I’m not sure how explaining that 1000w of LED actual power draw would give you a similar if not better yield than a 1000w HPS is moot? :v: happy growing.


And there’s the sarcasm again.

Genuine confusion. I thought the whole question surrounded the difference between an HPS bulb and LED lighting. Namely that the yield seemed worse with the lights you’re using that are advertised as “watt equivalents” which, believe me, are a sh!tty marketing trap I think every single one of us has fallen victim to. There’s a whole thread by @NeoGroR about “blurples” and their sad claims about what they can do for your plants.

I have no ill will toward you, which I also know is hard to convey via text posts in a forum. Believe it or not I want the best possible end product for anyone who embarks on this journey, it can be “just growing weeds in some dirt” but not if the end goal is a good yield or good quality to treat pain, depression, you name it.

Anyway, I know @iDontKnowGrow is using a 1000w HPS (he actually may also have a metal halide bulb too). If anyone has some real world experience with em, he’s the one I’m certain of.


Thnx Graysin I’ll try to help, so I got rid of my 2 BestVA 1200w led lights because they didn’t have enough watts “actual watts” lighting is probably the #1 factor for indoor growing you need X amount of watts for X amount of space for X amount of yield. I don’t know the formula just I didn’t have enough watts for 2 plants in a 4X4 tent. I returned my led burples and went with 1000w HPS/MH for around the same cost of my two burples. I couldn’t afford LEDs. If you do have the money LEDs would be your best option i’d get them from HLG. If you don’t have enough money the HPS/MH are a lot cheaper in the beginning but you need to keep them from getting too hot so most require a inline duct fan to keep cooler. Luckily I’m in a basement so I don’t need a AC the fans are enough for me. All cannabis growing questions are probably already answered here if not just ask.

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Hey man i neef to know what light to get i got everything bubbleponics mother plant coming up co2 nutrients you name it this is my dietary grow though

What size tent or space are you growing in and what’s your budget for lights?

Don’t waste co2 on your first few grows. It truly adds nothing but an unnecessary expense until you dial in all the other aspects of the grow.

What kind of nutes?

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Uh general hydroponics the three they sell my budget uh i guess watever i need gotta dl this right and my co2 is a exhale bag

And no tent just my house till i clone

Sure. My point is that CO2 generation is wasted effort until you hit the rest of the parameters in the grow space. If your plant is suffering pH imbalance, nutrient deficiency or overload, high heat, high humidity, low temps, low humidity, bugs, root rot, mildew or mold - all of those things will take away energy from your plant’s ability to grow. Consequently, they won’t be pulling in the CO2 you’re providing at the rate it’s being provided and it’s likely you will exhaust it out via vents and duct fans before it’s useful to the ladies. More than that, the amount of light you provide has to be more than excessive to get her to grow at the rate where CO2 will actually benefit you.

Especially in a house. Breathing in the same space as your plants will provide a much freer co2 boost. If you have animals, they’ll help too.

I would highly recommend looking up Horticulture Lighting Group, ChilLED Tech, KingBrite, and Green Beams. The first two are more well-known brands and most everyone here uses one or the other of them. The second two are more budget friendly lights that maintain good quality. KingBrite comes from China and needs to be purchased off Alibaba, but they are stellar lights. Green Beams is a small startup company out of the US, but they only have 2 light models to work with.

What size is the area you are going to grow in?

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3BY 3 BY3 APPROXIMATELY ANd my clones wilk be in stealth hydro bubbleponics aeroponic system

A 480w from Green Beams would serve you well.

So would an HLG Blackbird.

So would a KingBrite 480w.

So would a ChilLED 3x3.

It’s all about how much you want to spend. The Blackbird would be the absolute most overkill, but consequently it’s the most future-thinking light, as you could easily upgrade to a 4x4 with it.