Just want to introduce myself

What’s up guys and gals! Just wanted to jump on here and say Hi. I’ve been lurking in the shadows for a couple of months now and quite a few of you have already helped me out without even knowing it. Got to give all of you props, some of the nicest most helpful bunch of people I have ever come across, Thank you for that.
I have grown outdoors a bunch of times in the past with little to no luck most of the time, mainly due to living in an illegal state. I finally decided to do the small tent indoor thing. Feel free to let me know anything I may be doing wrong or any suggestions any of you may have. Haha like I said indoor first timer here.
I killed my first batch by underwatering I’m pretty sure. Fear of overwatering of course. That was a short story, they may have been 2 weeks old.
Alright now on to my set up. 3x3x6 tent, mars hydro tsw2000, ac infinity 4" exhaust fan with the fancy controller pulling air through a g-hydro carbon filter = 4"in, 4" out, venting in from lung room with a 20pt dehumidifier and out to the crawl space under the house, 2 oscillating 6" fans, 3 gallon cloth pots. I’m using a 75/25 mix of food and ffhf, using ff grow big during veg and ff big bloom now during flower, every other watering, ph water around lower 6.50s. I have two Bigfoot glue girls and two sour dubb x wookies lady’s one week into flower tomorrow now. I know, I know too many plants in my space, again first indoor timer lol got excited. These ladies showed up to the game on the 18th of September, I have definitely had my trials and tribulations over the past 6-7 weeks but thanks again to all of y’all I have found or been answered everything I’ve needed as of yet. Here is a pic of them as of last night my time, daytime to them.

Super happy to have some new friends, around here its hard to talk to anyone about our hobby. Thanks again guys and gals, I’ll be around if I can be of any help to anyone feel free to reach out to me.


Welcome to the community of growers, we are glad to have you.

Your plants look awesome, nicely done! My current grow is just a few days behind yours.
Here is a link to my most recent post:

Not the best grow but it is coming along…the SCROG frames will likely go on next week.


Looking very nice there @zipty420. I know whatcha mean gotta keep closed doors where I’m at, an prolly always will


I will definitely check out your journal @merlin44 and thank you for the warm welcome. I will figure out the journal part of this forum and make one on my next grow. I am struggling to not pop a bean for the solo cup challenge lol just don’t have the room lol. @Unknown sounds like we are two peas in a pod, I have faith it will eventually come around, my birth state MS just went medical and up until I was a late teenager even alchohol was dry in most of the state. Draggin ass around here though.

Oh and the two in back of the tent that are taller are the Bigfoot glue girls, sativa dom and the bushes in the front are indica dom and staying a couple inches shorter. I also plan to scrog net them soon just waiting on the stretch to slow down a little.


Yeah Tennessee is less than progressive too ,but whatever. Been around bud all my life


Welcome aboard @zipty420. Good looking grow you have going on there and nice to see you have found the help and support you need right here. Cracking bunch who will share their knowledge without criticism or judgement, welcome home :sunglasses:


Welcome to the forum

Just want to point out that Big Bloom is a general fertilizer to be used throughout the grow. Tiger Bloom is the product you want to use during flower to build your buds with potassium and phosphorus.

Get yourself a copy of fox farms feeding schedule. You can print off a copy from their web site. Mix your nutrients (all three, Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom are used during early flower) into your water, adjust the pH and feed your plants.



Or ask skorpion for a copy of the feed chart.

Lol I keep it on my phone

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Ah ha see more good info. Thanks @CMichGrower I’ll have to run pick up some tiger bloom as well. Damn wish I would have known a little more about notes. My buddy said I wasn’t feeding them good enough when he saw a pic. Kinda behind on that now but I’ll hit them hard until finish now. @SKORPION we talked the other day, fellow TN guy here too. Glad ya had the chart handy ya saved me looking for it lol. And @Davyg I’m cool with judgment and criticism as long as I learn from them. I love to learn something new every day. Good to be “home” thanks brotha.


Oh OK yeah I just did a harvest so I’m forgetting stuff.

@SKORPION I’ll be happy when I get to my harvest. Learning patience in big doses now lol. Do you have a journal on the harvest every month grow you’ve got going on? I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it since you told me about it the other day.

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I kinda suck at journals I can show you one.

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@zipty420 jus to kinda add to I also like to use Open Sesame, ChaChing, an Beastie Bloom, the water soluble nukes from Fox farm. Not a have to I just like it, Beastie Bloom really add some stank

Thanks @SKORPION for tagging me in your journal. Just got through reading it and it reads a whole lot like mine I my notebook. Lol I keep up with everything but barely on paper. @Unknown I will definitely be experimenting with different lines of nutes through my next grows. My local co-op carries ff stuff on the cheap cheap so kinda hard to turn that down yet lol. Like close to half price on their 1.5 yard bags of soil. Whoo whoop.


Same here man nutes an soil in an out under 50 bucks for a 20 gal pot I’m with it

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Haha I stocked up before they realize their selling it too cheap and before my dead of winter harvest. Didn’t really want the shady looks when I walk in there in January and buy soil lol.

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I hear ya the state I grew up in, got medical marijuana and now they just voted to allow recreational marijuana. But I love BAMA.

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@zipty420 nice looking happy and healthy plants. Welcome aboard.