JR Peters dry salts


I should’ve been more clear @Niala @Countryboyjvd1971, it’s not my intent to use them as soil amendment.

I just checked the peat lite, none of those items seem to be present. So safe to continue on with which one of these may be the best for my application? I can revisit the list prior to nailing anything down.


Ô it was not my intention to say what you have or should do or don’t @dbrn32

Just sharing information and advise on PGR’S my friend :grinning:

JR Peters seems a good nutrients, just a little low in Phosphorus for veg but overall it seems good, give me a shout when you will use it buddy…


Gotcha. What kind of npk ratio do you would be ideal? They have other blends.


A 10-20-10 would be great , even a 20-20-20 :wink::grinning:


Ok, I’m picking up what you’re putting down.

So they have a 15-16-17 peat light that looks like this

Or would it make more sense to take the aquagold finisher (7-15-30) that I intend on buying anyway and then just adding a little bit of calcium nitrate and some epssom salts to it during veg?

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out @Niala


Sorry for the delay @dbrn32 , had to went doing my janitor contract :wink::grinning:

I would went with the 15-16-17 for veg and the 7-15-30 would be great for early flowering stage, imo , and if your intention is to be hard on them, like ScrOG, super cropping or agressive LST, I will recommand that you had silicate to your cal/mag and Epsom…

Hope that’s helping you my friend :grinning:

~Al :v: :innocent:


No worries about the wait, I have nothing but time. Thanks!

I generally don’t do a whole lot of training, but had been into the habit of adding small dose of silica up til about the transition position point in soil. I would imagine and extra dose would be more in line to cover stretch with something like the promix?

Any foreseeable issue with using an organic based calmag with humic in with the feed?


Indeed , it help with the stretch and grow rate, but Silicate also help in the cell walls strength and help the plant to fight against environnemental stress, pests and diseases…

And no issues that I am aware of with organic cal/mag and humics, however, I will dig deeper to give you a more accurate answer :wink:, I may not respond today or tomorow, I am quit busy on the lab too and tomorow is “payday” and landlord will come search is rent and I will have to do some grocery on multiple place and I am by foot, no car, :wink::innocent:, anyway, probably too much info, lol :wink: :sweat_smile: :innocent:, but I promise I will be back with an answer… My friend :grinning: :v:


It’s much appreciated @Niala ! And I won’t be looking to make this move for quite some time, so definitely don’t make it a priority.

I was vaguely aware of the benefits of silica, which is the main reason I had been adding it for quite some time. But it was more because someone smarter than me told me too haha.

I think I would just about have it covered there, next step would be potentially finding a source of fulvic and maybe some bennies.


California is pretty much right on.

Many products that claim to be safe and organic are misrepresented by the
companies to the public. Cali., started testing commercial herbicides and
pesticides and found many to contain harmful ingredients.

Also; I must say that many large companies are the worst offenders of
them all. Many brands I have used are no longer used by myself or any
other grower due to the fact that Bayer, Monsanto (bought out by Bayer),
Botanicare (breaks my heart), and others are all on the No-Use list for me
because if they are owned by Monsanto; I will no longer support that
company brand. Same with General Hydroponics 3-part of other nutrients in
the GH line. (Owned by Monsanto, now.) :frowning:

Just a tidbit to be added to your thoughts. :wink:


Hey, @latewood, did you say that GH, are, since you said are own by Mosanto , and I believe you without dig this further, say that GH product may or are subject to contain synthetic PGR’S now, knowing that they are still, in my knowledge, NASA affilied?

Do not get me wrong, just searching for answers my friend :grinning: :wink: :innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Here’s someone whose recommendations shouldn’t be ignored, J. C., Jorge :wink:, who writes about many products being available, ProTone SL, MaximaGro, Rootone, Clonex, Configure and lots more…has a CAUTION that Plant Growth Regulators, PGRs, are controlled for a reason…many are very dangerous, even carcinogenic, and small amounts of some can remain in the harvested plant matter people are taking for medicine or in seeds produced by plants treated.

Jorge says…“Outside of the use of PGRs for root induction in cuttings, and maybe working with seed production, I would not knowingly consume any plant or plant part that PGRs have been used on. There is a level of risk here that is unacceptable.”

So many products available with fantastic claims we need the testing states require, testing that comes with a legitimate, legal industry.


I’ve used clonex, otherwise have pretty much grown using organics. Assuming you’re doing the same to avoid these pgr’s?

I have read anywhere that JR Peters is suspected of using pgr’s, do you have info that I haven’t seen?


My understanding is that Monsanto did indeed buy gh. I never used them anyway, but just in case I was ever motivated to, not anymore.


there was a time I wasn’t as concerned about the chemicals going into my body…somehow, in spite of myself, I have survived and am aware of the foolish mistakes I have made.

as for JR Peters, I have not heard a disparaging word and they may have a few converts after people read through these posts :wink: