JR Peters dry salts


Wondering if anyone can provide some insight here… I figure while I have some downtime, I’m probably going to move out of the stone age.

After seeing a good portion of people using the promix I’ll probably jump on board. But I’ve also been looking at moving to a more cost effective nute line, mainly looking at the JR Peters line. For around $50 per 25 pound bag, don’t really feel I could go wrong. What I’m wondering is if a couple of you guys that have good knowledge of the nutrient profiles could help me out?

In something like promix would there be a major advantage to running one of these over the others for veg?

@Donaldj @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 anyone else that can help please?


Also, not opposed to supplementing silca, calmag, bennies, or anything like that. I’m just pretty illiterate when it comes to this stuff.


Im going to look ok that stuff up buddy when i get a few minutes
Ive never used either product so ill need ro reseach it a little
It looks good tho as a supplement
I use ro water so i strip everything bro
@Hogmaster you might want to check into theses


Ya, take your time. It’s much appreciated and I’m definitely not in any hurry.

They have a ton of different recipes, so if you were to come across something different I’m all ears. I’m pretty sure I’m going to give their aqua gold finisher a run in flower.


I have heard of a formula, Jack’s 321, using another version of a JR Peters line of Jack’s nutes made for hydro requiring the addition of calcium nitrate in a 2 part system with the addition of Epsom salt to make it 3 part…JR Peters has a long list of products at their .com


For sure! That’s exactly what started me looking. While that method seems relatively proven, some of the others seem a little more complete. But I definitely haven’t ruled the 321 recipe with jacks hydro out.

The main reason is because of the aqua gold. Rumor is that it was designed specifically for cannabis, and has limited availability because of such. If I can find a stand alone to offset for veg period I’m inclined to do that and use the aqua gold for flowering. But I’m definitely open to anything at this point.


how about Dutch Masters when they were supplementing their line with PGR’s? :wink:


Not familiar at all with it. Up until now I have pretty much used earth juice exclusively with the exception of a few supplements.


Dutch Masters had a nutrient line they secretly added cancer causing Plant Growth Regulators to…here are some quotes about it from other sites

"regulations for fertilizer labeling in the USA is strict but varies from state to state. Despite these regulations, formulators are not always required to list every ingredient in their products; these recipes are protected as “trade secrets”. For this reason formulators have been allowed to market known toxins to unsuspecting farmers for some time. Fortunately a formal inquiry conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has revealed the truth behind these insidious products. The CDFA tested several products, and the findings have since been made public, thanks, in part to the Freedom of Information Act. Below is a summary of the lab results, to view the full report simply click the product name.

Bushmaster: 271ppm Paclobutrazol
Gravity: 516ppm Paclobutrazol
Flower Dragon : 18,400-18,650ppm Daminozide, 30-46.3ppm Paclobutrazol
TopLoad: 3,467ppm Daminozide
Phosphoload: 17,800ppm Daminozide, 20.6ppm Paclobutrazol
Recall Notice

So the secret is out. These guys have been marketing poison to the marijuana growing community for years and have been getting away with it. Lets take a look at some of the ridiculous claims and out right lies made by these not so reputable vendors.

Here is the sales pitch used by Emerald Triangle’s marketing department to sell their product called “Gravity”:

“Our uniquely prepared kelp extract and phosphorus based additive will harden your flowers from the top to the bottom. A little goes a long way. Use once or twice about 3 weeks before the end of a plant’s cycle. Adds size and weight to flowering plants.”

Thanks to the CDFA report, we now know that Gravity is in fact a PGR called Paclobutrazol. This chemical retards internode length and reduces maturation time significantly. When used on marijuana, this results in tighter flowering tops that can be harvested earlier. This has made Gravity an attractive fertilizer additive to many unsuspecting growers.

The makers of Phosphoload, Dutch Masters market their product with these out-right lies;

“Dutch Master PhosphoLoad utilizes a new technology which extracts unique isolates from coal derived humates. These are powerful earth elements that unlock the floodgates for a fast & powerful flowering response. When used, PhosphoLoad produces dramatically larger and heavier yields of flowers with an average yield increase of 25 to 30%.”

While Phosphoload may contain “powerful earth elements” it also includes; 17,800ppm Daminozide and 20.6ppm Paclobutrazol. These two dangerous chemicals are not approved for crops intended for human consumption, and should never be used for growing medicine.

Products known to contain Paclobutrazol and Daminozide have been banned for sale in California and Oregon but are still readily available through Internet distributors, and who knows how much is still in the hands of marijuana growers. In truth this regional ban will have very little effect on the availability if these PGRs. The good news for users of medical cannabis is that companies now offer testing for these dangerous chemicals. SC Laboratory’s in Santa Cruz California is one of these companies currently testing PGR’s in medical marijuana."

“Dutch Master
Dutch Master Nutrients and Enhancers Dutch Master is an Australian-based company that manufactures plant nutritional products for hydroponics & horticultural applications. Dutch Master was the first company to introduce a PGR (plant growth regulator) product into our industry, called Super Bud. After that the flood gates opened and products like Bush Master, Dr. Nodes, Hulk and Phosphoload became big sellers at hydro shops across the country. That is, until they were outlawed for containing a cancer-causing agent. Nowadays Dutch Master is probably best known for its foliar sprays Liquid Light and Penetrator. Used in combination these products are among the best foliar feeds on the market. Dutch Master A.P.S. is another popular products, as well as Zone and Reverse.”


Ahh… I think a key word there may be California lol. When I lived in Phoenix our water was known to the state of California to cause cancer. I definitely don’t have the knowledge to say it’s a false claim or anything like that. But it sure does seem like California is pretty quick to slap that cancer causing label on things.

It’s my understanding that the jr Peters stuff has been a favorite among large agriculture for a long time, so it has probably been scrutinized just as if not more heavily than any bottle that can be found at a hydro store. It’s also my understanding that these dry salts are pretty much the same recipes that all and elements that are used in most of the synthetic nute bottles. You’re just not paying for a watered down mixture of it.

I appreciate the input, but I’m inclined to eventually give it a go. It seems like there plenty of mj growers that have been using various recipes from them for quite some time. Dosing seems to be about 2-3 grams by weight per gallon, and that means a $60 25 pound bag would last me something like several years. Even if I have to supplement a little, it will be a vast improvement from the 40-50 dollar per plant per run I’m estimating now.


So i did some quick research into the company and its products
Seems you can buy everything you need to make your own nutrients blend ?
Interesting @dbrn32
Not sure if you could store all the buckets tho seems the smallest amount is 1 lbs tub
As a supplement tho i can see it being cost effective


You certainly can! Although it shouldn’t be that big of deal. For instance, the seemingly most popular method is using the jacks classic hydro blend. 3 grams of that, 2 grams calcium nitrate, and 1 gram of Epsom salts has nearly identical npk to Lucas formula. And is also used as a complete nutrient solution all the way through just like the Lucas formula. From that perspective, all you would need on hand is the three buckets or bags.

Obviously there are people out there tinkering with the formulas. Adding things like silica, humic, fulvic, different trace minerals, and who knows what else. But those 3 items, or really any of their blends alone should replace most manufacturers base nutes. So the citrus blend I was looking at is 20-10-20, I should be able to run that as a veg nute and then maybe add some silica (personal preference) cal mag, and maybe something with the micros.

I didn’t post it, but then for flowering nutes I would switch to something like the aquagold finisher (7-15-30) and whatever if anything I wanted to add to that.

Where I’m a little hung up, is that there seems to be about 10 different blends in which the npk values would work for veg. Since I would be likely going to the promix at same time (it’s peat base right?) is there one blend that seems to jump out better than others? They show peat lite mix with cal and mag, that could keep me from having to buy it separately. But if there’s a downfall to it or the levels, I’d be perfectly fine buying it separately. I’m just really behind with this stuff, trying to figure it out.


they may be quick on finger pointing but the fact remains, the Plant Growth Regulators can cause serious illness/cancer through very easy mis-use for everyone, not just the west coast of the USA :wink: …and there was a second shorter quote stating Dutch Masters has cleaned up their act and have a great line of nutrients once again…I would trust the major brands but be aware of the possibility of unsafe for human consumption additives

as for which brand, as long as it’s for peat/hydro for the appropriate Nitrogen


I got you bro. I wasn’t forming an argument for or against anything. As I had stated, definitely not informed enough to do so. I would imagine the misuse of anything would have potentially harmful side effects. As for what Dutch masters has done or why, I’m clueless so I’ll take your word for it.

I appreciate the link! I’m vaguely familiar with how plants uptake at least some of the nutrients. My understanding is that as far as nitrogen goes, how it’s applied into the mix is designed on the intent of the mix. So while urea based isn’t great for our application, it would be better suited for more spread out feedings? But a calcium nitrate blend would be more of a right here and now type use.


@Niala maybe you have some insite here ?


Oh ya, I didn’t even think of Al! He’s been hiding lol.


I saw him lurking around hahaha
Hes a knowledgeable guy
I dont make sure soils or anything so I figured a little more insight couldn’t help brother


Absolutely, thanks!


I’m not exactly sure we’re jiving on the same page though. This stuff isn’t for mixing into soils like a bag of bat guano or whatever. It would be more like mixing it into water, just as you would gh or fox farms 3 part.


Outta likes as usual guys :wink::grinning: :roll_eyes: @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971

Yeap synthetic PGR’S are not very good for your health, like @kabongster accuratly mentioned :wink:

However, you have to make the difference between synthetic and natural PGR’S…

Natural source of them are present in : seaweed, kelp, aloe vera, coconut milk and meat to name a few source…

Here’s a list of what you should look and avoïd in your nutrients composition list ingredients and MSDS sheet


And they can be in soil as an amendement @dbrn32 :wink: