Journal 4: More Light

Yeah, the colors do come out, makes me think of @Hellraiser and the cherry clones.


I’ve never done the water only thing.
I’ve heard the vast majority of people can’t tell any difference.
I keep feeding mine the whole way and selectively harvest buds, not the whole plant at once. :+1: :sunglasses:


If no difference than why waste the nutes?

That RX Green Technologies study showed no loss of bud weight or THC or terps for those plants that had a 2 week water only before harvest, so why use nutes the last 2 weeks if it doesn’t help with any of the important stuff?

The study proved the opposite of what they were trying to prove - that there would a benefit of feeding til harvest. The benefit (to them) is they sell more nutes to those that do so.


Very good point!

I just figured it was helping the lagging parts of the plant fill out,
while I was selectively harvesting the ripest buds.

Thanks for providing that insight and potential savings opportunity!

I suppose I could pull the nearing harvest plant from my autopot,
allowing a vegging plant to go into the pot, and watering by hand the last 2 weeks.
That would allow me to keep the reservoir filled with nutes and not waste any.
I may have to try that this time.
:+1: :sunglasses:


@Hellraiser I haven’t seen this piece of info is it new?


Came out earlier this year I think or late last year. The one positive they came up with was that some “expert panel testers” liked the taste of non-flushed buds over the 14 day and 7 day flushed plants but no significant differences in harvest weight, THC, or terps.

Go to rxgreentechnologies dot com, then click on Knowledge and then Research Trials then Flushing Trial for the full article.


Yay breathing new life into this field, at least that now confirms high times taste test of flushed vs non flushed.

Nice resource, looks like flushing due to secondary effects increased the iron, and zink levels found in the flower. It also reduced the quality of extractions although increased the yeild.

Definitely some good info that people can now choose what’s most important to them, I think I’ll personally stick with feeding till the end.
Easier for me in the autopots, better extracts, higher terps, lower mineral content and better smoke taste from what they are saying it seems.


My next thing is going to be re-using coco rather than throwing it out and constantly buying more. The 2 week water only will work nicely with that as 2 weeks of RO water daily cleans out the coco pretty good - under 200ppm by harvest time. So yeah personal objectives and goals can drive whether you want to flush or not.


Ahh good view.
I have yet to re use any coco or perlite, at least this will let me know if their are any significant differences between using coco and perlite or just coco.
The root systems are so large in these pots it seems like it would be very difficult to break it all apart by hand, and messy.

I think there is an enzyme product out there that will consume all the roots though, if that really works then maybe just buying double the amount of pots I need so I can rotate pots while the enzyme eats away the roots in the ones I harvested while the next set grows. Come next harvest the one set would be ready for plants.



I am reusing my Coco for the 1st time now.
I just got that enzyme product recently and started adding it.
Why would we need to use new Coco every time? Inert media?

When it fully dries out and you can pull the stalk and only the main root stalk comes out.
Then there were lots of roots remaining when I broke up any clumps.
I just left them in so I felt compelled to get that enzyme stuff when I learned about it.
I also add biochar, Mykos, and Perlite when I reuse the Coco and mix it well.


I have to let mine dry out for about 3 weeks. After that. it breaks apart easy and is pretty easy to sift.
I can’t try the water only since all mine are running off the same rez. I guess I could run an extra set of lines to see if it drops the ppms when finished.


I had already been using an enzyme product for many years that does that - AN Sensizym but there many many others like Cannazym.


Day 6 of week 6 of flowering

Cookie Haze is swelling up nicely to the point that its overcrowding snd falling over the rest of the plants. Will have to tie them up tonight to manage light exposure to other bud sites


Nice big colas!


Thanks. First time for me :smiley: must be the second kit but its also much bigger than the other plants so genetics I guess. Cant wait to weigh it


Yeah genetics most likely, some strains grow big ol colas and some don’t but the additional light is certainly not hurting either.


Best I could do with tying them. Had to leave that one hanging on the left a little so it can get some light, otherwise its higher than where the lights are set :sweat_smile:


Day 1 of week 7 of flowering

I lowered the light power a little since I’m approaching the end of flowering.

Jack Herer. The frostiest out of the three plants.

Monster Bruce Banner

Cookie Haze. Wish I was able to clone this one. The colas on it are insanely huge. Smells like mangoes too


Very nice, Ash! You’ve really stepped up your game, dude.


Thank you sir, it means a lot coming from you. Still A LOT more to learn!