Journal 4: More Light

Your going to have a nice big harvest there buddy.


Thank you, Im pretty excited :smiley: @Nicky

2-4 more weeks to go. I’ll have to check the trichs very soon

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So you got your autopots eventually?

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@Nicky Yes sir, after a while. No one reached out to me about all my emails or nothing, but I’m glad they still got it delivered to me. Was worried for a second.

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Today marks day 3 of week 6 of flowering and I’m contemplating whether I should go water only or not. I used my little jewellers loupe and I can see a lot of cloudy trichs and some amber but I feel like its too early and should wait till beginning of week 7 to go water only so that its for the last two weeks. Week 7 and 8.

I’m struggling to take a decent pic of what I can see through the loupe but I tried to zoom in as much as possible with my iphone. I’m very sorry if those pics don’t help but let me know what y’all think if you don’t mind. The last pic is the worst out of them all. Again, very very sorry

@Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @Not2SureYet @Nicky


Way too early, I think. You should wait for the pistils to change color and curl in, before you start evaluating trichomes. I’m guessing what you are seeing now is sugar leaf trichs.


Thank you sir, yes most of them are super stacked its hard to get in there, especially with the cookie haze in the last pic. Never had this much trouble checking trichs during my time as a grower haha

I’ll wait till end of week 6 and check again, to see if i should switch to water only. Thanks so much :slight_smile:



I am with him. I would wait till you think you are about a week away :grin:


@Not2SureYet Thank you!


Need a Bluetooth microscope or get a macro lens for your phone that’s clip on from Amazon.

Ash have you done fluhs vs no flush?


@Nicky I agree, I need to invest in one. I think I’ll order one next week.

I flushed my first grow ever, after that I’ve just been switching to water only until harvest.

Havent fed till chop yet. Another reason I was doing water only was to get those nice fall colors


Same as the others, go a bit longer.


Thanks @Hellraiser @nicky

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Yeah, the colors do come out, makes me think of @Hellraiser and the cherry clones.


I’ve never done the water only thing.
I’ve heard the vast majority of people can’t tell any difference.
I keep feeding mine the whole way and selectively harvest buds, not the whole plant at once. :+1: :sunglasses:


If no difference than why waste the nutes?

That RX Green Technologies study showed no loss of bud weight or THC or terps for those plants that had a 2 week water only before harvest, so why use nutes the last 2 weeks if it doesn’t help with any of the important stuff?

The study proved the opposite of what they were trying to prove - that there would a benefit of feeding til harvest. The benefit (to them) is they sell more nutes to those that do so.


Very good point!

I just figured it was helping the lagging parts of the plant fill out,
while I was selectively harvesting the ripest buds.

Thanks for providing that insight and potential savings opportunity!

I suppose I could pull the nearing harvest plant from my autopot,
allowing a vegging plant to go into the pot, and watering by hand the last 2 weeks.
That would allow me to keep the reservoir filled with nutes and not waste any.
I may have to try that this time.
:+1: :sunglasses:


@Hellraiser I haven’t seen this piece of info is it new?


Came out earlier this year I think or late last year. The one positive they came up with was that some “expert panel testers” liked the taste of non-flushed buds over the 14 day and 7 day flushed plants but no significant differences in harvest weight, THC, or terps.

Go to rxgreentechnologies dot com, then click on Knowledge and then Research Trials then Flushing Trial for the full article.


Yay breathing new life into this field, at least that now confirms high times taste test of flushed vs non flushed.

Nice resource, looks like flushing due to secondary effects increased the iron, and zink levels found in the flower. It also reduced the quality of extractions although increased the yeild.

Definitely some good info that people can now choose what’s most important to them, I think I’ll personally stick with feeding till the end.
Easier for me in the autopots, better extracts, higher terps, lower mineral content and better smoke taste from what they are saying it seems.