Journal 4: More Light

This will be my 4th grow and this time I’ll be adding a second HLG qb 260 a month into my grow as I don’t need it right now. @Myfriendis410 @Not2SureYet @Nicky @Hellraiser

HLG 260
Jacks 321
Promix HP

Sugar Black Rose
Monster Bruce Banner
Expert Gorilla
Jack Herer

29c 65%


Filled solo cups with Promix, saturated each solo cup with 1 cup of Jacks 321, placed seeds in 1/2 inch hole, then covered seeds gently, then finally sprayed a few more times with jacks 321 for the soil to settle.

750 ppm 5.8 pH


Ohhh snap @ash that sugar black is meant to be some top terp bud. Yeah! I’m watching for sure.
Let’s see how your Monster Bruce Banner turns out (MBB).

If you can afford it. Ash get a beneficial bacteria like fishshit or tribus or voodoo


If you don’t mind, I’ll sit over here in the corner quietly and watch the excitement. Promix HP worked wonders on my tomato seed germination rate, it’s good stuff.


Switch to coco if possible peat is terrible for the environment it’s really bad.


following for the new strains. thanks for posting

Agreed @Nicky I am actually doing my first grow in coco now-almost 3 weeks in flower. I bought a bale of promix about 10 years ago for starting my heirloom tomato seeds, germination rate went up to 99%, but I was only using it on seedlings. I treated the canna coco the same way I did promix just always watered a little more with the coco. Now I am giving each one a gallon a day. The Jacks and coco is simple but I can hardly keep up with the plants.

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@skippyisnohippy @alexankh lad to have you along!

@Nicky I still had a decent amount of Promix HP still lying around so I decided to use it instead of throwing it out. I’ll start using coco for my next grow. Glad to have you along!


Set to watching!


Hey now
Where, might I ask, did you obtain the sugar black from?
No links though.

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@Mr_Wormwood a friend gifted it to me actually

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Nice a friend with seeds is a friend indeed


@Nicky I was thinking of only using jacks 321 and then eventually Armor Si and MKP come flowering. Maybe Recharge. Those you mentioned, can you please tell me if it would make a huge difference from my original plan?

I remember @imSICKkid once mentioning that he used both formulas just jacks 321 and jacks with the MKP and both were top notch but still interested in what others think.

@Hellraiser was Recharge worth it with Jacks?
@Myfriendis410 was the MKP worth it come flowering?



I believe so: plants looked good through the whole grow and these were clones from the previous grow. Can’t do better than that for a cross-comparison. Definitely happier plants than the first grow without MKP.


Ask for the MKP you got your solid answer already ^^
To double down on that the “expert” in Jack’s is a guy that goes by green gene and he runs mkp every run. It’s a booster and it works I’m running it right now and always will with my Jack’s.

As for recharge, it’s great if you don’t have autopots but I do so I don’t run it.

Which ever silica product you use that’s fine just try to ensure your getting 100ppm of Sio2, the studies have pointed to that being the best for coco/hydro in multiple crops. For me in my Agsil16H it’s 0.7grams per gallon.

Tribus, fishshit and voodoo are all meant to do the same thing. And Hellraiser will be testing them but we both agree we think fishshit will take the crown by a bit.
Recharge its own product is has some of this and some of that in it falls into the nutrients and microbes classes.


I think the recharge is worth using, not too expensive and the last a long time with a once a week application.


Lights are at 60w 3 feet away

@Myfriendis410 Which MKP would you recommend?

Mine is 0-52-34


I’m. Using the same

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