Journal 2: Upgraded Setup

probably, I just start off very mildly with whatever I choose to use. You cant go off the bottle because the formulas are for cannabis unless otherwise stated. And another thing, tomatoes are perpetually in flower, once it starts, it can go on for years with indeterminate varieties. With lettuce, technically you never will enter flower, so obviously the bottle recipes wont work for different plants. Research what the plant you wish to grow likes and attempt to mimic that somewhat.

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Been waiting to see some bud shots - big gals been holding out!

Basically, loads of this pretty much everywhere! Bigger up top than lower down, but I cant reach that high without a ladder. Probably another week before colas start to look like colas lol :laughing:


Looking nice and frosty

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ive had to give them another spray of BT today because there has been an explosion of western hemlock looper moth. So to be on the safe side, Im protecting against an instar of caterpillars.


Yes, indeed! It will only get gooeyer as time goes on.

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@Cannabian Thank you for this info I was not aware. I guess I have to ask you this then, what kind of food do you use for your lettuce and tomatoes?

@Cannabian I’m really excited to see the results on those monsters

The greenhouse have entry points? Figured was totally enclosed

Either way best to play it safe indeeeeeed, no f**kin bugs allowed

in liquid I just stick to General Hydroponics, because I live an hour and a half from a stop light. Our hardware store carries the trio in stock.

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@Cannabian I also have GH from my last grow. I got the flora series trio and Armor Si, Kool Bloom, and Cal mag. I guess when the time comes I can ask you about your schedule. Thank you so much

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Have they broke ground yet?
How’s your temp and humidity sitting? Are you using the AC infinity controller with set temp/humidity or are you just manually setting the fan speed?

You shouldn’t need all the GH stuff if your running jacks just the armour SI will come in handy.

Hey just wanted to clarify you have 2 or 3 of those 6” clip fans? Because one isn’t going to do it… just fyi and 4 plants in a 3x3 is gonna get full!

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Sep 17

@Nicky Yeah they broke ground 4 days ago on Sep 13

My temp fluctuates between 26C-27C and I have the clear solo cups on them so I’m not sure of the exam humidity inside them but otherwise the tent itself fluctuates between 45%-55% I turned off the humidifier and I spray the inside of the clear solo cups every morning.

I’m using the AC Infinity controller. I hope I did it right lol. I clicked on the 3 lines and just set the options then at the end I made sure its set to on. Highest temp is 28C lowest is 24C. Highest humidity is 70% lowest is 60%.

I was telling Cannabian that I think I’ll use the GH for veggies and fruits. I’m using jacks from now on with my cannabis plants, its just so much easier and the results are great from what ive been seeing and hearing.

I have one genesis and 2 honeywell. I want to get more of the genisis tho just for back up.

What do you think so far? @Myfriendis410


Looks like you are right on track.


@Myfriendis410 Thank you sir


Looking good bud

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Thank you thank you! @Dagao22

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Take a pic of your controller and post it.
Make sure you have it set to auto, and leave it on temp high. This will make sure it follows the settings you set

I would suggest taking the domes off now, setting your humidifier to 75-67% RH
Put a light breeze on the plants with a fan.

With the domes on top your sitting at like 90-100% humidity but you have all the tech to dial in your VPD so use it! This wi help your plants grow faster.


@Dbpooper Forgot to tag you in my new journal my bad

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@Nicky thanks for bringing that question up because you just saved me a lot of power lol. I had it set up the wrong way no wonder why it wasn’t going on/off based on the settings. The main screen just said on t didnt have the automatic control settings showing. Heres how I have it showing on the screen on.

Is this how I should be seeing the screen from now on right?

Does the fan set the settings for the fan speed automatically?

The reason why I’m keeping them on for 12 days or so until I see roots pushing through the bottom holes then I’ll transplant, remove dome, turn on the 6” fan, and the humidifier. Thanks a lot for your help dude! Appreciate it! Please keep the questions coming as it might save me a lot of hassle like the fan control thing that I just fixed and throw all the info you can at me to help me throughout my grow!