Jewels' photo grow

Been busy with harvesting. I chopped SmoknGranny Autoflower on Monday

Green tea was also chopped on Monday

Yesterday, it was Cinderella99 fasts turn for the chop.

That leaves 2 ARXDJBB in the tent. The one on the left is going into week 2 of flower. On the right week 8 and she will probably be chopped in about a week

In the veg tent i have 2 SmoknGranny Autoflower in an earthbox

A Peyote Wifi seedling

My Laughing Buddha seed didnt pop a tail yet and its been 5 days so i put an ILGM Goldleaf in water and less than 24 hours, we have a tail. It will go in a solo cup of seedling soil.

I intended to plant 2 ILGM Bubblegum autos in an earth box but the fan blew and the seeds went flying. I found one and planted it in a reammended earthbox. The other seed was never found but i think it landed in the earthbox but not where i want it. But not real sure :woman_facepalming:

An Ayahuasca Purple clone is trucking along.

I also have a Holy Punch seed from Greenhouse that isn’t yet sprouted. Her shells crowning but shoulda sprouted by now

Happy growing :v::green_heart:


Very lovely garden ma’am. :clap::clap:
Congrats on the harvest. And the new littles.
Just received a few Smokin granny seed this morning. Thanks to Budbrother. :pray:
I’ll wait till the next indoor to pop them. :wink:
Have a great long weekend.



Thank you :blush:
I look forward to watching you grow them.
I am anxious to sample. Im getting a pineapple like fruit smell so far. Im kinda bad at flavour and smell profile descriptions. I was telling Budbrother that my Green tea smells like rhubarb. He hadn’t heard that one before :grin: he’ll have to go find some rhubarb to sniff so he can know the scent :sweat_smile:
I’ll fill y’all in on the taste and buzz of SmoknGranny when shes cured. get to smoke it but I’m sure its gonna be tasty. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting :v::green_heart:


Great harvest, smokingranny looks big .Trim jaol for you ,oh well .I’m getting ready to cut my cindy99 into jars cant wait to smoke my little sample buds .Then my half of my Morrocon Beldia will come out of flower and get chopped. For a few weeks I’ll only have veg plants so I can clean out my small grow closet .I started 4 of tenga’s reg plants for outside and 2 more repins fem autos need to get my jars filled I’ve been smoking alot. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Very nice looking grow/harvest as always!!!

I’ve been laying low but decided to give the living soil a try along with Cindy99 after @dbrn32 suggested I check out your grow journal (re growing indoors with the qb120 boards)

I know you spoke highly of Cindy99 for daytime use and productivity/creativity? After purchasing some seeds I found elsewhere a deep discussion of C99 and a summary/historical timeline of various phenotypes various growers had experienced over a 20 year period.

This is the stuff that really interests/helps me since I’ve been out of the grow for decades.

Two basic phenos and highs were notable.

One had a strong Pineapple scent and one described as baby poo. One high was a steady climb and steady descent with euphoria. The other was a heart pounding racy high with paranoia if you were not prudent in dosing.

There were some opinions expressed that prompted my second seed purchase in hopes of finding seeds true to the original. I am planning a side by side indoor grow of the two.

So my question is what do you think are the chances I’ve gotten seeds that will produce phenotypes true to the “original” strain/1990’s

Have Brothers Grimm and Kwik Seeds

I apologize for rambling and will go back and read this whole thread. I’ve popped the seeds but looking to add some perspective if possible.

Thank you


Brother’s Grimm is the stock id go with. As the original breeder, you maybe able to find their… true intentions more readily in their offerings.

Also the story with C99 is its pretty doggone stable. I believe multiple bx’s pretty much cut the phenotyping to a minimum. So ur chances are better with them. The history of the strains an excellent read tho.


I agree wholeheartedly with all of that. One of the big reasons I’ve been “laying low” is my inability to realize I don’t have to get worked up or “set the record straight” when I come across conflicting information.

I end up wasting a lot of time and sometimes get a bit humiliated or embarrassed and for what?

I’m now realizing because of your mentioning stability and back crosses, it could just be this person had a personal relationship with one breeder/seed purveyor (they knew an awful lot about one persons genetics and made it seem superior to Mr Soul)

They mentioned back crosses involving 18 different females and also some of the best males having contributed to the seed. They mentioned Mr Soul had not kept his males and basically questioned his use of the cubing process as stagnating his gene pool over time. All of that is common knowledge and well established as you correctly pointed out. It’s another case of jealousy or envy I don’t know but I got sucked in again!!!

While any or all of that may be true, I still have to grow the seeds to find out for myself and this is just a distraction.

I am very grateful for your reply and the ILGM community. Perhaps I’ll eventually find a way to engage without getting enmeshed……TY

But I’ll tell you what - after seeing Los Angeles, and this here story I’m about to unfold, well, I guess I seen somethin’ every bit as stupefyin’ as you’d see in any of them other places

And in English, too.

So I can die with a smile on my face, without feelin’ like the good Lord gypped me


Brothers Grimm original is where it was at, although i’m not sure the latest runs are same as the originals. If you don’t find what you’re looking for from BG, see if you can find some Mosca C99 bx. I’m not sure if still available from Mosca, but somebody somewhere has them. I’ve seen multiple arguments formed that Mosca parents were as good or maybe better.

I had a pineapple pheno that was solid, and one that kinda tasted different with every pull. This one had the psychedelic buzz and would give you some color if you dropped temps.


Thank you


I grew the Cinderella99 fast version. The first 2 where from Canuk and they state its original Brothers Grimm Cinderella99 the fast is C99 x Shiva SKunk
With the fast version from canuk I got good solid buds. It definitely had the tropical pineapple taste, so delicious. It gave me energy so I could get alot of chores done. It also was one of the strains that actually helps my achy painful joints. The buzz puts my mind in creative mode. No heart pounding racyness or paranoia. I found it hard to sleep if i smoked it in the evening I would be restless most the night. My most recent grow of Cindy99 fast was from Seed Supreme. It still has the pineapple taste and smell like my canuk version. The buzz is also energetic and uplifting. The buds on the Seed Supreme Version weren’t as rock hard but definitely not larfy. Just not as rock solid as canuks nugs were. The buzz is the same energetic uplifting creative buzz. They were also flowered under a different light. My first canuk version was under my 4 QB 120’s in a 3x3. The seed supreme version was under the HLG 550 v2 eco and a HLG 300 v2 rspec in a 5x5. I think it was more genetic than anything because her neighbor green tea growing next to her has rock hard solid buds. Neither time did i get the “baby poo” pheno. Both were gron in an Earthbox of living soil. Good to see you stop by @Glam Good luck on your quest :v::green_heart:


Looking good. Were those auto?
I shut down my flowering tent and have some new to me strains outdoor. Also put 2 of my taller mothers outdoors. The mothers were just getting too tall and needed to get out… The other 2 indoor tents have some strains I’m continuing and some new ones.About 8 different different strains in the indoor and 3 outdoor. October will tell what strains get kept.
Also trying my first auto. 1 seed of 4 germinated and it is going to be 1 of those disappointing 1 foot tall plants. Glad the seeds were a freebee.

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The SmoknGranny is an auto and the others photos. I did recently pop a bubblegum auto seed from ILGM.
Are you using your box outdoors? I was wanting to get a couple for outside tomatoes.
Autos can surely be finicky. Many times they start flowering before we want them to,especially if they’re stressed.
Good luck with the new strains. Are you going to put them in your journal? @Growenmore


Just put up a few Pic’s of the outdoor grow in that journal.
For anybody else that wants to see:
I'm lazy so here is my "Grow Box "grow
I am using one of my growbox’s outdoors for tomatoes. They would be doing better but I replace my fence where it sits and dropped a fence board on it busting a few branches…I’m not flowering indoors for a while so I have a few of those boxes freed up.

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Been a while so I thought I’d show ya whats been growing.

ILGM Bubblegum Auto

ILGM Goldleaf was so squat and bushy with a lot of branching.

I neglected to train her when she was young so I made due with some bamboo.

I gave her a couple weeks and moved her to the flower tent last week along with the Peyote Wifi. P wifi was getting too tall so i bent her tall colas

They’re doing fairly well for having very little of my attention lately.
Here is the tent today

The butterfly gardens have been doing well. I’ve had 4 monarch caterpillars that I know of form chrysalis’ and transform into butterflies.

Happy growing :v::green_heart:


Glad to see you are doing well Jewels and I love the butterfly pics! I have a good friend whose wife does the same.


The flower tent is getting full again

I was away for 10 days. This is what I found when I returned

It took a few days but I have the Goldleaf and Peyote Wifi trimmed up pretty decent for now and rearranged them all. I’ll take more leaves again in a week. The ILGM Bubblegum auto in the right rear is foxtailing and needed super cropped. She’s in week 6 and is working on her laat couple of weeks. Finishing.

Its smelling so good in the tent.

Found some light bleached tips so I turned the lights back a bit

They are all in earthbox’s. They are given mostly rain water with Quillaja and coconut water added in. While I was gone, they were being auto watered with tap water from my well.
I think I’ll stick with growing an earthbox of living soil. It really fits my lazy grow style. Plus I still get to play with top dressing ammendments and I also let the reservoir go dry and top water in compost teas occasionally.

Now its time to think about what seeds to drop next.
Happy growing and thanks for stopping by :v: :green_heart:


The dry out cycle, of my pots, is every 2 wks. I still maintain the rhizosphere moisture during.


Your plants are all looking good.


Thanks @Amazon66 I hope your doing well.
Apparently I am bad at updates :sweat_smile:
Well, I’m smoking bubble gum for breakfast. I’m out of cindy already…again and have minimal Green tea left. So 50/50 Bubblegum is now my breakfast. Still have a bag of GT in reserve though for a couple of people. I won’t bust into that reserve :grin::innocent: sooo I found some more Green tea from Mosca Seeds and here we have the next Green Tea

Another Cinderella99 fast

Humboldt Caramel cream

I accidentally flowered my clones again. Ayahuasca Purple is really the only one I cared about outta the clones. I just need to get more clones of her, so she’s revegged and trimmed up and looking purdy now. I still refer to her as the fugly one though.
Here’s her progression

Look how happy she looks now :eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nothing flowering at the moment. Winter came running in like a madman with temps in the 20’s so I had to harvest the outdoor Acapulco Gold a little early.

Happy growing :v::green_heart:


Your plants look good I know what you mean we went from so hot you couldn’t go outside till sun went down to freezing temps ,no fall .Our trees were jyst getting really pretty leaves and huge rain and wind storms blew all leaves off .We’re back to high 50’s for a week or 2 so that helps . Good growing to you too