January 2017 Bud of the month contest! Ooen for entries


OK everyone,

You know the rules; If not, go read them! :slight_smile:
Entries open until January 19th at midnight EST

Good Luck, and I hope we pick up on the same high plateau as we did at the end of 2016!

Peace, lw :slight_smile:

ILGM White Widow Fem Grow

Ilgm bubble gum :heart_eyes:

Zoom in if possible it was a sugary delight


Nice looking bud there hogmaster


Damn bro you killed it great job putting bubble gum on the list


I can relate.


What does this have to do with BOM contest? Post should be in the Green room.

Interesting but, wrong place. PLease move it. lw_admin


I think they are sandbaging waiting until the last minute.


Here’s my ilgm white widow grown in Coco 400w and 300w mars hydro lights a


I think you"re winning Bro !!


Last chance for my ILGM Goldleaf. Her last β€˜bud porn’ shots on harvest day.


The bud looks killa Hogmaster my vote is with you :wink:


Voting is not open. No votes will be counted until I post an
"entries closed" notice. Any votes posted prematurely will not be counted.


I like this one, so far. All 3 look good. :slight_smile:


ILGM strawberry Kush


ILGM AK 47 1 of many colas just biggest so far
18" long as of today



Those Ak47s are killer!


They were topped fimmed so they have about 12 to 20 colas each


Could you please PM me.



Can’t like and I’m not out the forems is messed up. It looks all weird