Jake’s first grow. AmH Auto

Hey all, first time grower here. I live in upstate NY. Just started an ILGM Amnesia Haze auto in an extremely budget setup. Here’s where I’m at so far. Germinated in domed peat pod on 5/16, broke ground on 5/19. Moved to 1.5gal plastic pot filled with natural soil mixed with about 30% compost and 15% worm castings on 5/20 under a 23w 3000k cfl at 4” from plant and kept domed until 5/22. Removed the dome on 5/22 and lowered the light to 3” from top of plant. Soil was looking mighty dry so I added a few drops of un PH’d tap water that sat for 3 days uncovered. My little seedling is now about 1.5” tall. I’m growing in my shed and have started to build a veg/flower room that will be 32”x32”x 48”h lined with Mylar sheets and I’ll have the ability to run 6 CFLs that I plan on upping the wattage to 40-42 watt bulbs in the next few days with a mix of 6500k and 2700-3000k. At this time I’m deciding on what to use as nutes as I would like to go organic and still stay as cheap as possible. Any and all help, ideas and comments are welcome! Thanks all and happy growing.


Welcome to the community ! you’re off to a good start.

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@kellydans thanks! I’ve got to buy a few more things yet, like a thermometer that measures RH as well and a Ph meter.


Welcome to ILGM!

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I recommend buying a good pH meter apera is a quality meter comes with a nice case and calibration solution.


I’ll have to save up to buy that one.


I would say start learning what pH is while you save up for a good pH meter.
I use a Bluelab and now grow the best pot and plenty of it…also read the above GUIDES about pH.


Welcome to the forum. Great bunch with brilliant knowledge, you will love it here. I’m with @kellydans on the Apera. I’ve just bought one and its saved my skin already. Had it 1 day and immediately showed up PH problems with a sick plant. I also use Bluelab kit like @James68 to monitor my tds.


Like the above have said, welcome to the forum/community. I’m gonna tag along as well, if you don’t mind :v:

Thanks all for the tips. I’ve purchased the ph meter recommended. I also ended up buying a mars hydro ts1000 LED. I may wait for the next round to use it tho.

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Welcome to the forum

Well, my little girl is a week and a day old today. She’s looking great to me. What do you guys think? I’ve been misting 2 times a day and today 5/27 I watered with approximately 2 ounces! I opted not to go organic and now I’m waiting on my fox farms grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom to arrive. How long should I wait to give her the first feeding? image|375x500

read the above GUIDES regarding feeding and everything you really need to know , but these are early days to be thinking about feeding her…have fun learning about Ph :crazy_face:

I seem to be getting some leaf curl. Otherwise she’s looking pretty good. 2nd set of leaves are forming well. My ph tester, tds meter, and LED light should be here next Tuesday!

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Soil looks a little wet my brother, or is it my old eyes

@repins12 Yeah. I took the picture a few minutes after watering. I’m growing in my shed and it’s been quite warm here in upstate NY. This little one proves not to enjoy the heat so I’ll be fully insulating the shed and adding in a small A/C unit this weekend.

So, is it harmful to my plants if I put them outside during the day? I want to do some work in her space and won’t be able to keep the light on her if I do it.

You should be good.

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Well, we’re at 10 days above ground. My soil is a little dry but she’s due for a watering tonight. Does anyone else think her stem is very spindly? @Covertgrower @repins12 @kellydans @Davyg @James68 @Interlu