Jacks experience?

I have communicated with jacks a little and I was steered towards 12-4-16.
I have alot of questions and wondered who might be familiar.
I am in flower, my first grow and have used ffof and ilgm nutes after 4weeks or so of presumably depleting the ffof.
Iv only used the veg time, flower time and the booster(a little) I have had no problems that I am aware of. BUT, I see and it seems ilgm nutes aren’t always available, I don’t want to get caught working in a routine that would get interupted, and I don’t know enuff to get and measure and judge individual nutes. I know I need to get to that point.
Looking for a system for now.
Can anyone tell me, assume I am a total idiot, lol. How they use jacks?
How many grows of 3 or 4 plants at a time will 25lbs do?
Is it a water in? Or disolve in water?
Is it(12-4-16) stand alone start to finish?
Would it give instructions for my soil? Any help is appreciated!

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I think I can help. I use the Jack’s Tap system (The City Limits kit on their website). Alot of people use 321 system with great results, I just happen to use tap water and this fit the bill better. If you get the kit, it will include nutrients from seedling to harvest. It comes with the following:
*Jack’s 15-6-17 Clone 1 kg bag

  • Jack’s 15-5-20 Tap 1 kg bag
  • Jack’s 10-30-20 Bloom 1 kg bag
  • Jack’s 7-15-30 Finisher 1 kg bag
  • Jack’s 3.5 Gallon Mixing Bucket with Lid

On each bag, on the back, it will tell you how many grams to use. It differs from one stage to the other. You will need some sort of digital scale to measure out the nutrients correctly.

Yup measure it out and dump it in, shake and PH the water.

Nope, too much nitrogen for flowering, need more K(potassium) during flowering hence why they label it like they do so you know what to use in the stage you’re in.

Ya just follow the recommended dosage on the back of the bag.

ALOT!!! I’m growing up to 6 at a time and haven’t even put a dent in the smaller bags in the kit. You don’t need 25 lbs. Go with a kit, get used to it and check out the results. You’ll love Jack’s lineup, which ever way you go ( TAP or 321). Holler if you have anymore questions.


The 12 -4-16. Because I use distilled water…I’d rather not buy…but apparently there is a fee to send my water(my tap) to be tested so they can recommend.
The system you mentioned…is that everything you get with a tap water system? Or is that the 321?

Duh…I re read.
What does that kit cost?

Tap system, 321 uses part A and part B. You will have to use Calmag with tap system but not with 321.

Site says $103(US Dollars) plus tax/shipping. Cheaper than the Canna nutrients I was using. Alittle goes a long way.

I’ma check it out…sounds cheaper than what I have even.
Glad it isn’t water in…I don’t have the experience to see far enough ahead for that…and I can see the stuff you described helping me figure out the individual nutes and what’s happening.
That whole system isn’t that much more than one bag of the 12 4 16 on amazon…is there a complete set like that for distilled water?
Also…I have one clone of my first photo…but many auto seeds…do they have schedules specific to autos?
Almost wish I hadn’t ordered autos. But I’ma try em and see.


I’d use the 321 system for distilled, but honestly you don’t need to use distilled water. I got a 5 gallon bucket, a cheap aquarium pump and stone. It airs out all the chlorine and chemicals in tap water. Been using this setup over a year now and no issues. I did use distilled but there are absolutely no nutrients or anything in distilled water.

Use whichever kit you decide, no difference.

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No worries, You’ll love Jack’s and love the price better once you see how little you actually use.

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Wow. Go on their site and try to order…I get ‘dont ships to this area’

dang that is odd, give them a call and see what’s up.

Can’t find a number,sent an email…smdh

Ya I looked as well and didn’t see one. Are you in the US?

Yes.wondering if it’s a glitch online.

Must have been, it went that time…lol

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Nice!!! Glad it worked. I’ll tag you in my grow journal if you want. Also pretty much everyone here has read and follows Hellraiser’s grow journal. Hellraiser grows gorilla glue I believe.

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Yes please, can you tag me to his as well? I dunno how all that works yet either…lol

Sure, you can read and bookmark posts fyi

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I have a question I’m using Jacks this is my second grow first went ok for a newbie used fox farm trio nothin bad to say about the trio but is the tap water system needed if you use tap water? I use tap water an gave first feeding to one of my auto’s a day or two ago