Instructions for bergmans plant food

How to use bergmans plant food


Welcome to the forum! I’m going to attach the soil schedule. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or need the hydroponic schedule.



Welcome to the forum @Bigwill, You have come to right place if you want to grow Cannabis. Not sure on Bergmans but you should start out a little lighter than recommended on most nutrients and work the plants into it. Happy grows man!


So I jus got my plant food now let’s mix some up n see how critical fast n zkittlez do

I have the 4 packets,but it gives no clue on how much water I need to mix these in ,a gallon of water or a quart?.

Yes need it for hydroponic,please

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Thank you

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Hi, Is this per plant? So 1/2 tsp per gallon of water and then pour the whole gallon of water into you 5 gallon plant pot?
The instructions don’t seem clear to me.
Thank YOU!!!

The amount of nutrient solution required per plant is going to have a lot of variables. Like pot size, what the media in pot is, how wet the media is, and how large the plant is. If you had mature plant in 5 gallon pot full of soil that is extremely dry, it would easily take 1-2 gallons to feed to runoff.

Yes pretty much. Look at stage of plant that you’re feeding and where on schedule it is. Stir in recommended amount per gallon until complete dissolved, check and set the ph, then feed to plants.

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Is bergmans complete no epsom or etc. to add just like the flowering I saw the schedule above

I do not believe it’s part of Bergman’s nutes but you can use Epsom if you’d like.