Im a newbie and so confused- Miss Ladie Grow Journal & MJ Journey!

Hello everyone im hoping everyone is having a wonderful day… Ok sooo… I’m 33 yrs old and have ddd aka degenerated disk disease and wanting to start my own plant… Now idk if i have a green thumb but all this info online has me confused… Like should i use a paint bucket vs a lil pot then transfer… Then keep the plant in the dark til it sprouts… Use organic soil vs your own… Use tiger bloom vs any thing else… The lighting… Enough said right… Shoot i need lamin terms… I need help cuz ph this 6000 watt that… Help lol


LOL @MissLadie, many of us find ourselves in the same situation as you. I am sure that the helpful pros here will weigh in, I am a rookie and just finishing up my first grow, so not much I can offer you other than to read, read and oh did I mention read?

I probably have read every thread on this forum and each one offers me new bits of information. Also Roberts grow bible thingy is worth its weight in gold and it is free to download. I would suggest it.

Don’t start anything until you have formed a plan and be aware that the best laid plans of mice and men…you know the rest.

Once you have formed somewhat of a plan (like where you will grow, soil you want to use, pots, etc) then check in here and they will guide you towards streamlining things.

I have a black thumb, but I seem to have greened it up with the help of this forum and the book :slight_smile:

I also have DDD, ugh. I am growing plants that help with pain as well as the severe insomnia I suffer, diabetes and menopause. Read, ask questions, experiement, read some more and go from there.

Welcome! and good luck

Oh and PS, if you are really unsure of anything, I have heard of people doing a trial run with tomato plants, since they seem to be similar to cannabis in a lot of ways.


Oh! Almost forgot, the grow journals here are amazing. Have a read through some of them. I have one and you are welcome to read it - though it is rather long, but if you start from the beginning it shows you the set up I have and how I started things.

My journal


I’m not a soil grower so when it comes to soil I’m just as confused as you are. However, I will say this: my first ever grow I started in soil - and I didn’t kill a single one of those plants (even after washing the dirt off their roots to transfer to hydro). The good news is that you have all sorts of time during the growing stages of the plant. So, you can figure out how to start a seed and grow a seedling right now. Just worry about that part. Then, during the two weeks it’s germinating and growing in its seedling phase, you can figure out how you will tackle the vegetative phase, and so on.

While it is nice to have an overall plan at the start, the bottom line is it is a long process to grow a plant, and you can take it in stages.



Needs a grow mentor to walk her through all of this!

Any volunteers? I have done a few it is fun and rewarding!


I would @bob31, but it would be a game of the blind leading the blind lol.


hahaha you’d probably do great. I will volunteer to do it and you and whoever else wants to follow along it will be fun. It’s just easier to go one on one when someone is starting at the very beginning. Otherwise you wind up with 10 different people saying ten different things. And thats not bad, as there really is in most cases, many ways to achieve the same results, but when someones head is swimming it is just better to go one on one!



I also suffer from DDD

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Welcome to ILGM!


Awesome @bob31!

@MissLadie you are in GREAT hands with bobbo :sunny:


Ok soo im doing reggie…lol i have no idea about n e thing of the plant cuz it was given to me… But i put them in water til it splits right? And how many cuz i have no idea if they are male or female… I had a bad experience so i have to wait to buy some seeds… But steps 1-3 appreciated lol


Well, before you do anything @MissLadie

Let’s make sure you are ready. Once you drop them in water you are on the clock. So let’s not put that pressure on you yet. I appreciate that you’re ready to get going, but lets start at the beginning!

Are you in the USA, if not the continent is fine?

Where are you going to grow? Indoors or outdoors?


@bob31 I’m in Oklahoma…lol i can see the look… Lol… No ok um yea im there… Im doing an indoor in a closet in my bathroom in my room… I have small kids so the bathroom has a lock on it and where do i get the golden bible everyone keeps referring to


I can get you a link to the grow bible. Do you have lights to put over the plant? How big is the closet? @MissLadie

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Here are the links to download the grow bible

Book 1:

Book 2:


Im lost on lighting… Ive seen leds florence… I dont have any yet… And closet is umm a nice size… Cant find measuring tape… I have teens who think they can fix stuff lol

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Bout the twin mattress length and widths

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Awwww… Thank you… I better get to studying… This an investment to the future of pain relief… Yeeesss!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I hear ya! There is a lot of great info in there. The technology is a little dated on some of it though.

So it sounds like the closet is ok. How tall is it?

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All I can find on Reggie is that it is a Sativa dominant hybrid. I’m gonna guess it can get tall so we will prepare accordingly.

Earlier I asked where you were from because you are going to need to buy lights etc. Since Ok isnt a legal state the best is either amazon or eBay.

Do you have a budget to work with? if so do you have a $$ in mind so you can get what you need?


@bob31 @MissLadie Reggie around me refers to “regs” or standard grade weed. I’m sure somewhere there is a specific strain, but that’s the new school talk for what us older would commonly call brick weed.


Welcome @MissLadie, I think you’re in really good hands!

I can probably help with lighting, but like @bob31 @Bogleg and @rodri59 said. You definitely want to get a plan together prior to buying things. The fluence bio stuff is good, really good! That could be a good choice if you’re going to commit to being a serious grower and don’t mind making a large investment. It may also be completely unnecessary, depending on the size of your grow and what your expectations are.