ILGM God Father OGs!

@Fieldofdreams, Looking extremely good, like white out, waiting for sunset. Trichs look to b receding, gunna b removing the ankle bracelet soon it looks like. Gunna have to set’em free, let them fulfill their destiny n go up n smoke lmao….:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: :rofl:…… killing it fod’s, absolutely killing it. :star_struck: :peace_symbol:


Since I’m a huge fan of all of your pics I’m gonna just say it-I’m flattered in a big way. Thank you AB. :blush:

I appreciate the feedback. Now how do I get rid of these damn spider mites on my indoor clones lol???

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Three of the GF clones, from the clones, from my initial grow……So I kept 2 clones from the first GF grow, 1 bit the dust, literally died n the dirt. Here’s the other clone, now n the bud room…

Wide as she is tall, for reference this clone is from the 2nd GF plant.
I’ll ID what’s, what when it’s their time to sacrifice….:peace_symbol: …out


Ooooh nooooo! @Fieldofdreams, the bane of many a grower. Please tell me u ain’t seeing any webbing, cause if u r… dam, the infrastructure is laid for their new civilization. Seriously, they R a formidable foe, well adapted for major confrontation, r gorilla war fare.

I go to great lengths to avoid SM at all costs. I’ve never defeated them, never. Because I’ve never caught them soon enough, if that would have made a difference, I honestly don’t know. They have taken me down 3 times over the many years I’ve been growing, decimated my bud rooms. Making for a slow unwelcome death by microscopic mites. It’s horrible.

There r more options for success now a days, I know Jacks has a product, I used neem with an emulsifier, spraying every leaf, top n bottom. It was time consuming n tedious, n didn’t make a diff. I know there r other products but I don’t know how effective they r, for ur sake I hope there very effective. But I’m not the one to ask n this situation, I’m not sure what I would do myself. Sorry my friend. Stay lit :fire:

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Ladybugs or predatory mites or other predatory insects

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GFOG pistils are starting to turn brown

probably have 4-6 weeks left


TGIF growmies… today is 8 full weeks of flower for these girls…trichs are showing some amber but not enough yet and leaves are starting to die off…big difference between these sisters…as stated previously I am sure I caused them to not reach their full potential because of the twisted roots that I believe was caused by tooooooo much air bubbles in my setup…


Good morning, @Retiredoldguy! Looking good.

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morning Newt…busy changing out the reservoirs today at my room

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I’m wondering iffen you had a ‘stray’ seed somehow??
Maybe they both ain’t GF’s after all?..:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:
Coulda happened someway couldn’t it?..
Leaves looking to be different colors actually

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Great answer!
I was gonna suggest ants!:flushed::rofl::rofl:
Then was like,…No!:nerd_face:
I knew there was sumptin else, just couldn’t think :rofl:

@Kita …it could be but I believe it is the extremes of the varieties they breed to make God Father OG…the left is struggling because of the twisted roots I believe… and this caused the dark green leaves, dry and cupping on her…the right shows more of what GodFather OG should be like but should have grown taller in my setup but she stayed small and grew a lot of foxtails again because of the twisted roots…normally at this stage my reservoir is 2-4 inches thick with roots but both of these have barely filled the bottom 1-3 inch thick …going back to just 2 air stones and not 4 based on this tent and my other one which exhibited the same twisted roots and growth issues…at least this is what I think today…thanks for your reply

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Sooooo,…what yore saying is that the ‘root’,…of th problem, is indeed…‘twisted roots’!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Couldn’t halp meself!:nerd_face::grin:
Can I ask now how u guys nuke buds?..I’m fixin t prune some lilbitty ones and I’m anxious to try ‘em…thanks

OMGAWWDD dude! U jinxed me!:flushed:
I was reading ur spider mite problems a few days ago, and, BAMM! My rosemary on front porch has them, and I’ve squished ‘webs’ twice now not realizing what I had…I’m gonna make an insecticidal spray,…will see what happens :woman_shrugging::nerd_face: but,…praying they don’t come to my other plants

I’m sorry to hear that. What will you treat them with? I used CJDB 4x’s and have my :crossed_fingers: hoping it did the job.

Ladybugs and preying mantis

Anybody see my messages/questions 2 days ago?..I keep gittin lost in this thread🤬

@Fieldofdreams glad u found ur self something to fend off ur indoor problem. So 4x worth of treatment, how the ladies holding up?? N how did u surmise on what ur best option was for treatment? So many new products since I last tangled with sm’s, no idea what I’d spend my $$ on. Hoping u gots an idea of the effectiveness of ur treatments by now. :peace_symbol: n keep ur :eyes: eyes on the ladies…

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Yeah I’m a pot head, completely forgot to update my GF’s. Gots one of the 2 clones from my first grow, n the bud room…have a look…

Have no idea how long she’s been n bud room.
Then I still have the clones of the clones, from the first grow. Gots 3 ready to b transplanted, representing both plants from the first grow. Have a look…

I’ll b transplanting straight to their forever home, don’t know when yet, I’m juggling plants to stay legal n my State. Gots to stay within the 18 plant limit, of 6, 6, n 6 plants of a certain height. It sucks, because I’ve killed many a fine plant, trying to pick the healthiest girls to keep… n the world of pot plants, I’m a serial killer fer sure. I carry no guilt, for I am acting n the confines of the law….:peace_symbol: :heart_decoration: n :musical_note:


They ain’t beautiful by any means, the leaves have a brown outline on the edges. I’ll going to treat them again this wknd probably and then continue to veg long enough to pluck out most of those jaded leaves for new growth then flip……unless they still have mites lol then I’ll chuck’em & f#ck’em.