If You Want To Get Off Opioids And Use Weed As Your Painkiller


You absolutely speak the Truth!

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Just found this thread… Set to "watching"
Cancer, Hep C, multiple spinal fusions (L4-S1)
Was on narcotics over 15 years…
Decided to use only MJ for relief… Best thing I ever did…
Due to assine Fed. Govt I have to live in an ANTI-MJ State…
I don’t like buying from Street, no control over quality, chemicals or anything, so I decided to dust off my growing hat and jump back into MJ.
So glad I found this forum… :heart:
Glad your off the pills… MJ is the Cure…
Happy Growing… :dash::dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face:



I have degenerative disc disease rods in my back eight screws three screws are broken had me on morphine methadone oxycodone hydrocodone for different muscle relaxers I will be one year completely clean April 1 18 the genetics All Ilgm have saved my life and lifestyle for the better for sure thanks @Support_Team



2 years since I quit cold on opiates and went through the horror of withdrawal then decided to pursue the CBD route. I too want to thank ILGM for their genetics and dependability of delivery. I have degen disc disease and severe pain in the tissue connecting to my spine. The medical cannabis helps me be able to function much better.



Amen my friend



don’t ever feel alone @skgrower there are many of us here just like you!
stay strong and smoke another!



Congrats @Hogmaster I know how hard it is to get off of the pain killers espically with a bad back.



i ran across your post, i have the same issues. disc disease plates and screws L5 S1. i was on opiods for 9 years prescribed foolish amounts had to go to rehab for 30 days. I was lucky that i never bought street drugs. I can see why so many people fall prey to H (cheap). It took me a year to feel normal off the drugs but still had pain. Last year I decided to try growing. I dont know what it is about it but i feel much better mentally. I still have the pain but the pot is able to relax me. i dont think about the pain, at least not as much and i can live a normal life. Im in MA so its legal unfortunately my wife is not accepting of it and we are separated. I guess its only people who have gone thru the hell of opoids understand how horrible those drugs can be. I feel sad that people who don’t smoke dont understand pot. I totally feel that pot has helped me and i wish you continued success. Good luck my friend!!!



I completely understand what your going thru @tbird it sounds like my story almost to a T ! Congratulations I’m happy you where able to get off that crap :poop:

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I was just thinking of something. Have you ever been to minnesota? If not forget about it pigmaster Peace



I ditched 5 years of oxy between 5 and 120 mg a day (depending on pain level). Not your normal pain, neuropathy, had 6 surgeries to burn out nerves but that only bought 6 months of relief. Enter MMJ. I smoked a bit as a kid and did a few things, but my attitude toward weed was it was an escape from the chemo and shit. 5 years of oxy and finding out that a plant does a better job, at killing pain and I don’t have to look like an adict at the pharmacy. Now I’m unpacking my feelings about this drug a little here. Now that I use it I understand my feelings toward it were because of the actions of those I knew that used. I hated the things they did after smoking, but then again they did some pretty evil shit when they weren’t smoking either.

I won’t share more right now being new and all, but thank you to all that have shared some of their story. I’m a convert, and I think I’m getting better.
No joke helped me kick the cigarette habit too. They seemed to loose value after I realized I could spark an owl. Speaking of which… :slight_smile:



Great job sonicios. I totally get the pharmacy comment. I was on so much of that shit i had to go to docs every two weeks and i would have to call the pharmacy to to have them order because they didnt stock enough. i think about it now and cant believe how stupid that was. My dealer just had a fancy degree and wore a lab coat. sooo wrong… Being in construction on large projects opioids are everywhere. i tell everyone who is using opioids or is getting prescribed not use them for more than a few weeks. I am a big promoter of weed. Dont really know the long term effects of using it are but it far out weights being addicted to opoids thats a fact in my book. What i really love about weed for me anyway, if i miss a dose I’m not going thru withdrawals. I grow it, I enjoy growing it, It helps me, and it pretty affordable. I still can not believe how bad withdrawals are to go thru that horror is what keeps me from going back.There is light at the end of the tunnel!!!



I just made some sour diesel “nugget run” bubble hash! The 25 micron patty leaves me in need of glue remover and a spatula to get my eye lids back up!




It is very good



a great post, thank you…i think a Class Action Lawsuit is looming against Purdue/Big Pharma

J68 puff puff …:rainbow:



This is amazing and I hope someone in need reads it. Here in Ohio were number 1 for overdoses. I spent a decade of my life on opiates. Oxycodone 80’s several a day. Then when that ran out perk 30’s several a day until that ran out. Then 50$+ of heroin a day. Been 3+ years clean (don’t count the days) and couldn’t be happier. After I quit cold turkey (sick for 10 days) I developed a drinking problem for over a year. Decided to go back to smoking weed and never looked back! Been over 3 years no pills, like 6 months no drink and I’m starting to grow my own weed! I even quit cigs!! To anyone who may read this and your getting high thinking your happy. Life is more than that next pill. I worked 80 hour weeks just to get high and have a 300$ check. Thinking I’m happy. You do t know true happiness until you have nothing holding you down. I know the struggle. Grow some, smoke some and try every day to be a better you



As someone who has been taking opioids for pain relief for over 10 years I have a little advice on getting off them without all the scary stuff!
I am not a doctor but I have used this method several times with great success.
“Used it several times, it can’t be that good then” I hear you say. Unfortunately I live in a country where the penalties for drug use are severe so I always go back to the pills because I cannot live a normal life without pain relief.
I have only recently come to the conclusion that growing my own weed is worth the risk and to hell with the consequences. Lol

Anyway, coming off opiods with no physical withdrawal symptoms.
There are two drugs that work really well, Gabapentin and Pregabalin.
Pregabalin, known as Lycira in the US I think, is probably slightly better but much more expensive.
With Gabapentin I take 1500mg in the evening and that will usually do the whole next day. Day 3,4 and 5, usually my worst days I will probably take another 1500mg mid morning if I start to feel the heeby jeebies come on.
I do this for 10/14 days and that’s me done. It will stop the vomiting, diarrhea, restless legs, brain zaps and for me it also removes the mental torture. I pretty much function as normal!
I have done it with Pregabalin but don’t remember the doses I used off the top of my head. If you want to know more about that method, message me and I will put my thinking cap on.
I really hope this post might help some of you, I have done cold turkey and understand how scary it is but with a box of Gabapentin in my draw coming off opiods holds no fear for me whatsoever.



A high antioxidant diet or vegan can help , gabapentin has its side effects also right ?




My daughter was on gabapentin when going through cancer treatment and hell no will never touch that drug again!!