If You Want To Get Off Opioids And Use Weed As Your Painkiller


Greetings Everyone,
I’m not sure where to put this post, so here goes anyway. One of the best medications that I gave up was Opana ER and Opana IR and Oxycodone 20 ( 5 per day) from a broken L4 vertebra with surgery and a broken ankle with the tibia and fibular bones broken as well. If anyone wants to get off of opioids, it is possible to quit cold turkey by using Immodium AD (the anti-diarrheal OTC which has a Loperamide). In all truth and seriousness, your withdrawal symptoms are gone while quitting opioids. In the beginning, use the liquid form so that it gets into your system quicker and then switch the tablet form after a week or so. Stay on the Immodium for several weeks and check your progress occasionally by not consuming the anti-diarrheal to see how “jonesing” you feel. I stopped cold turkey back in late August 2016 and have been opioid-free for over 160 days! Now, using marijuana as my pain killer is the best thing that has happened since being prescribed opioids for some seriously broken bones and surgeries. By the way, you definitely don’t need to quit smoking or eating marijuana during the time that you are coming off of opioids. And, for clarification, my pain management doc was prescribing Opana ER and Opana IR and five Oxycodone 20s per day. So, I’m not talking about getting off Lortab 5 of some other weak pain pill. I hope this helps someone who wants to get off of opioids. I know that using opioids and weed at the same time can quite euphoric, but being off opioids and only using weed gave me the best view of life that I have had for a very long time.
Keep On Smokin’,


congratulations @Catch_And_Cook that is awesome!!! dealing with severe pain is a bitch!!
ilgm has some great strains of mmj that works to elevate pain!


Thanks so much for that information!, I’ve been on subutex for about a year trying , to quit opioids, I hope it will still help with the withdrawal from the subs


First. Welcome to ILGM forum :raising_hand_woman: :innocent: :v: @Catch_And_Cook

I am glad to see that you had have go off opioïs, congratulation, dealing with severe pain can be tough, not only on the body, for the mind and moral too, I eared you, Fisherman…

Continue in this way, you seem to going well

I have cluster headache and know how pain can ruin a life.

Your relative fisherman

~Al :innocent: :v:


Also a great balance of alkaline vegetables, and stay hydrated , pedialite helps, but a well balanced alkaline diet, a strong will of not letting the witdrawls control your conscious in agony of swearing and cold chills and vomiting and diarrhea, the immodium will help, but an alkaline diet of vegetables, starchs, and fish :tropical_fish::whale2::fish: will help recovery time :clock3:. But it’s very reachable and it can be done. I’ve been down this road severely and moderately kicking a very bad heroin habit, methadone, hydrocodone, and oxycodone 40’s but in time and dedication any obstacle can be accomplished . It’s not in life we get dealt a good hand, it’s the ability to play a bad hand well…You Can Do It, I Faith in Any of You Trying!!!


I have cut my opioid use down 80% in the last six months by using cannabis mostly oil’s hash things of that nature but still a regular smoker every day I’m hoping in the next month I will be 100% off opioid


Great job @Hogmaster! That is awesome man, for real, keep it up! I know you can do it and get off that stuff!



This is very hopeful. I have been on opiates for 5 years now from the VA. They started a pain clinic and we are now dealing with the chronic pain. I just had another procedure today hopefully this works. I’ve been cutting back on the meds and hopefully I’ll be free soon. Thank you for posting this, it brings hope!


Hey will make a support group out of it from methadone and Oxsee to hydros I’m so tired all that crap and I refuse to be Told that’s the only thing that’s going to help my pain my ass I can grow something very beautiful that works better than any pill ever has


my pills


those pills are my fave!
we should braze a H on your press @Hogmaster


@BIGE You can actually buy presses that have little pictures or letters on them now that you say that I want to that’s awesome


one with a big razorback boar would be awesome @Hogmaster!!!


I’m very proud and humbled by your and the rest of this forums accomplishment.I been dealing with the same problems and pain for a long time and about the same 80% off of them .unfortunately I cannot smoke weed because of drug testing at work but I’m allowed to have the pain pills because of a prescription hopefully soon it will be legal here and and be able to soon. And it definitely works ,all natural ,great hobby ,much cheaper .Hopefully soon no more “Opioid” demons and the (creepy crawlies).I love growing and experimenting different ways.Thanks to all, hanging some of my hobbies as we speak. Have a good day !!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah but it’s too bad it’s still illegal federally until that changes no matter if the state says it’s OK or not employer still requires drug test and a THC on your test is a fail until the feds take it off of the list


I’ll start my first grow in a few weeks and I have been thinking about using weed to come down from the pain killers ( shattered spine ) I’m just shit scared to try it’s great to see people with positive feed back on it been on large amounts of oxy contin way too long thanks guys


It’s a many of us trying to offset the dope pills and cannabis is definitely the key with a well balance alkaline diet.


Good evening, I am also trying to get off the opoids. I take 30 mg. a day of oxycodone for the past 9 years. I have not smoked in many,many years but I really need to get of these pills. I feel it has controlled my life long enough. I am looking for some seeds on the web site.


High, what is a alkaline diet?


This is what I need to get of the pills,great job!