If You Want To Get Off Opioids And Use Weed As Your Painkiller


No I am not closest free state would be 4 or 5 hr drive. My state is putting it back on the ballot for medicinal but I don’t look for it to get to far already been voted on 2 or 3 times now with no avail. Time will only tell


But that cannatonic is it something I can find beans for somewhere @bob31


ok, take a look at that website and see if those numbers look a little easier on the wallet.

I bought the 250mg 30ml Hemplucid on their website, but they offer a bunch of different ones. it can be used as vape or tincture. The higher the mg the less you need to use.

The 250 say you need 10 drops 2x a day. The 500mg would require 5 drops per dose and the 1000mg would be like 2.5 drops 2x per day (just examples)

250 is 46
500 is 85
1000 is 149

The 1000mg is a substantial savings over the price of four 250mg bottles ( 184 )

Something to consider…


the problem with growing the cannatonic yourself is because of the different prototypes possible if you grew four plants it would be very likely that all four would be a different phenotype. One would be high in CBD and low in THC. One would be High in THC and low in CBD a third could be CBD dominant and the fourth could be THC dominant. That means you would have to send them out for testing before you could use them.

I’m not sure how a grower would sort this out exactly unless they take a sample from all the plants in that batch and test it somehow?

I dunno, but I thought about doing the same thing myself… But I changed my mind when i read about the phenos…

I predict that the seed banks with stabilize the high CBD strains soon and we will see them for sale on ILGM and other places. ILGM has a sister site AMS seeds…

Another interesting article on leafly Cannabis as an Opioid Exit: 5 Real-Life Stories


I understand mabey I will just have to take a trip to mi soon she hasn’t had one sense starting the cbd tinctur


So ams is it same seeds by Robert or different company all together. I have found lots of help here and if not for a plethora of bag seed. I would have already ordered. But I’m a pretty loyal person just who I am so I do plan on ordering from ilgm when the time arises but I have a partner that I’m going to help with a cpl harvest and next spring I’m on my own and going to defiantly getting into these autos from ilgm can’t beat this forum and everyone here seems to have all kinds of luck. Plus the support tickets…just don’t find that service anywhere you may be 16 hrs away but you are right here steering me and trying to keep me from making mistakes you have and letting us learn thru all of you fine people I can’t go anywhere else


AMS is a sister site so I don’t think it is actually owned by Robert or not but they share a close connection and guys buy from them as well. I actually like the ILGM seeds and they have all I need right here. I already have enough seeds to last me another year! hahaha I love variety and I probably have 5 or 6 different strains of MJ here and I have smoked 3 different ones today. Started the day off with Chocolope and switched to Pineapple Haze and next up is Gorilla Glue. The only home grown I have right now is AK47 and i try to only use it a couple times a week till my next Sativa is ready in a few months. Trying to stretch it out! I have several MMJ Sativas as well.


That is my plan unfortunatly my first grow I know one is a real danky OG CUSH and the other two I really have no idea could be blue dream I got a bunch one tI’m where my guy had to rush out and didn’t have anyone to help him out and a few got pollinated so I got a deal and I wanted to habe some seeds around but honestly they didn’t come from a bank so who the hell knows what I’m actually growing lol I just know with everyone’s guidence on here I’m sure it will be worth smoking


Plus I’m a creature of habit if I order and they get here stealthy and pretty timely I won’t stray away


I have placed three orders. The first got here in 15 business days, the second in nine business days and the third in 11 business days. Smooth as glass with ILGM. I have AK47 Auto, Gold Leaf, Blueberry Auto, Amnesia Haze Auto and Chocolope. I am growing a gorilla glue bagseed too. Very satisfied with ILGM!


Yes sir bob. I was hooked for 2 nightmarish years and didn’t know what to do. Crooked “pain management” doctors just want you to take the opiates when physical therapy won’t work. God forbid you try cannibus (which is safe). they will kick you off the opiates immediately. I was taking 120mg (not safe) just to be able to work. My company turned a blind eye to me taking such high doses because I was one of the top technicians they had. I don’t know how to convince all of the ignorant neo-cons (pot haters) in the U.S. that no one has ever died from ingesting cannibus.


Unfortunately @skgrower it is taking much too long. Good people that don’t have to die are dying every day. It is really sad and it doesn’t have to be this way. Pretty shameful the way our society has become…

A country where the hot button discussion of the day is what f’n shoes the first lady is wearing. Disgusting!


Unfortunately Trump has picked a big fat NEO-CON in jeff sessions for the wrong job. He lied a couple of years ago when he said that there was evidence that there have been deaths from marijuana use. What a clown! The sad part is that Trump is for medical marijuana. You’re right about the idiots in the press. They are out of their minds.


You know I’d just as soon not drag politics into this. Go click on my profile and read what the DEA wrote in 1988. Nearly 30 years ago. Kinda hard to blame an administration that has been in for just a little more than 8 months. Politicians all lie.


Not blaming Trump’s administration. I’m a hardcore libertarian and I like Trump. Don’t plan on any loosening of any federal regs with that DOJ. Probably be great on crime though. I won’t mention any further politics except to say it is all bordering on insanity. Glad I’m a believer.


Haha fair enough. @skgrower


isn’t that the truth!!lol


That’s why i always advice who ever come into contact to switch to [medicinal marijuana] rather than to depend on painkillers.

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You preach the truth brother, I’m in a country where I am refused the right to legally grow something that can be used medicinally by me for me, I say f#ck them, wot legal right do they have deny me medication ,and my doctor says what ever helps, she understands the benefits but also see’s the legal side but she says as soon as she can legally prescribe it for me she will but otherwise will keep giving me tramadol and the rest of the tablets


Cant wait to catch up on this post. Im in this boat.