Hydro nutrient difference with multiplePlants

I got a 6” carbon filter plus a whole room heppa filter. I do not have it venting outside though.

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Good news! I went to do my nightly check on the girls, and the dehumidifiers were off and my heppa air purifier was off. We had a power outage and they didn’t come back on with the power.

Why is this good news? Because that’s why the girls were smelling the house up. Hopefully now that everything is back and running I can finish out the last few weeks.

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Fingers crossed for you, man. I’d put up a serious fight about stopping the grow. Move it out of the house, sure, but she doesn’t get to complain about the expense of running power outside to the shed. :face_with_monocle: It’s not even about the end product at this point, I just love the process.


Well, I made it to harvest! One branch started drying out WAY too much and the buds were brittle so I harvested it on Christmas, already had it in a curing jar and my wife and friends smoked it tonight and they loved it! I harvested the rest of the plants today washed and have them hanging out to dry now.

So far of the dried bud I have a full 27 grams. And I have about 4-5times as much hanging!


Pics to come later. Happy New Years!


Well, i dropped the ball.on harvest pics last year.

I did start a new grow 3 weeks ago. No issues…yet o_0. But figured i would share that i am on attempt 2

I did have an issue with the little one. She stopped growing, but i out her in some distilled PhD water for a few days and she is now back in the game.


Still going good and getting new growth

Big one is white widow, small one is LSD both are auto flowers.

I have a second lsd seed germinating now and she seems to be just as slow as the first one. I dropped the second just in case the first didnt make it, but the first one seems to be slowly growing now.

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