Hydro nutrient difference with multiplePlants

Growing 1 vs 2 plants, do you change the amount of nutrients you give your plants? Do you still follow the directions on your nutes still, or do you do it more often? Or just stick with the directions.

Back ground
White widow autoflower
AeroGarden farm XL
Using best buds grow and flower nutrients
10 days from germination
Just started nutes at 1/8th of directions suggestion
I check PH twice a day and keep it as close to 5.8
Lights are at 20/4
Clip on fan running indirectly for airflow
6” ventilation fan at top of tent that runs one minute every 2 hours for now to get new air in the grow tent.

Pic attached just because.

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Huh? Your nutrients are based on a dilution ratio… The amount of water a plant needs never changes… more plants means more mixed nutrients. Not different ratios…

You should have a target ppm and pH for each week of your grow. In order to have a definitive plan of action. Which is absolutely required in hydro environments. Just like my coco grows. Also hydro.

Oh. And who ever said to start light in a hydro environment? Yes you can get away without feeding unitl the cotlydons fall off. But why? In my coco grows I feed 100% day one, two, three,… Every single day. 100%. Except amendment days. Then it’s 100% jacks + whatever I add .
Never a day of less. In a hydro environment. Till finish.

I technically watered my swog three times today. She had a long one. A good lollipoping. All 100%

Its not about how many nutrients you use total. It’s about the density of the nutrients in your feed.

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Makes sense. I was just going off of this and how the nutrients said to add x amount per 1 gallon every week.

But I smell what you’re stepping in, I’ll experiment up to full strength and monitor.

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Looks like you’re doing a dwc and those follow different rules then inert mediums they constant ph and ppm measuring.

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I think its to early for nutrients they are abit Small and if u were to give them nutrients i would be only giving them 2mls per plant

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Thanks for the advice! I bumped the nutes up to 1/4 of the suggested directions on the nutrients which is coincidentally 2ml per plant (3.5 ml of grow, 1.5ml of bloom for a 4ml total) in a 2 gallon reservoir.

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Anyone please correct me if I am wrong, but I’m pretty sure nute ratios aren’t directed by “per plant” its amount of solution per gallon of water. @GreenSnek @Graysin @Nicky


That’s what I was getting from the first reply, I guess now the question is do I replenish the nutes more frequently or just stick with the changing the water once a week and adding the recommended ratio.

You’re totally correct. They’re “per gallon” or “per 5 gal”. I have an indeterminate amount of water in my res due to my own sheer stupidity but I got my PPMs to approx 1k for vegging from RO water so I knew exactly what was in it and added more as needed to get to 1500 for flower time over time.


Ok I thought so, thanks for the confirmation. I didn’t want to give incorrect information. Out of likes atm.

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I know the feeling :rofl:

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If unsure of something always Tag like you did it helps you and everyone in the thread.

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Thank you

One of the girls has a bit of browning on the tips and some yellow. I raised the lights, lowered the frequency of water flow(I have two air stones in the reservoir to help Prevent root rot, they run 24/7) and diluted the water (removed half a gallon and replaced with a half gallon of distilled water). PH level is spot on at 5.8, I’m gonna give it some time and see if she gets better, if not I will add a hair of nitrates.

Oh, and I upped the vent fan more frequently to lower the temp from a high of 80° to high of 75° low of 70°

Any idea what your PPMs are? If you answered that, I missed it (sorry).

I don’t have a tds/ppm meter. But I put in 4ml of nutes to 2 gallons, then today drained a half gallon of my water and added plain distilled water.

Recommendation on the bottle is 7.5 ml per gallon

I’m afraid that’s not really dramatically helpful - some products recommend way too much, some recommend too little. I find very few suggest amounts that are actually “just right” (understanding that “just right” varies a lot based on plant). I’d pick up a cheap TDS/PPM pen from Amazon. They’re mostly accurate and run $5-10. It’ll cut a lot of “is my plant getting enough?” Out of the equation and start helping you figure out if the “enough” is the right blend of nutrients.


I ordered one and should be here today. I read about them but thought they were more costly, and at $15 it’s totally worth it.

I’m still seeing new growth and the roots are already huge. I’m sure they’ll be fine. This post wasn’t even supposed to be for any issues, just a general question if I needed to compensate anything for two plants Vs. one.