How much longer at this point?

New guy here. I am also from Ma.


@Paranorman looking forward to seeing this in next month’s BOM .

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Hey bud hope your holiday was great! …mine contained a lot of football LOL

There’s nothing bro. there’s no pictures. there’s no b.o.m contender here.

…these are the last of my brown leaf spot nightmare :cry: )

that’s the garden I’ve been threatening to pull down for a while now it finally finished up!

…and thank God it finally did! Seemed like forever, it was almost 3 months, had sulfur burner for the last month so really save the crop, but yield was way down. It was nothing I’d take pictures of, & definitely not contest material LOL

The positive is I don’t know if it was the leaf spot or what but these gave me some of the hardest stickiest whitest nuggets I’ve popped out yet and the smoke forget about it and it smells unbelievable the skunk is so strong it overpowered my filter!

I finished everything up, and hope to be jarring up the last of it tomorrow, I got a new grow thread going, I’ll link it here


Only 19 days to go. Can’t believe question 4 passed…lol.


Hey Captain welcome aboard!

Yay for question 4! :grinning: :thumbsup:

We’re all counting down the days with ya buddy! :calendar_spiral:

@Capt_Seeweed welcome to the Jungle glad to have you aboard . Glad that your state voted yes to pulling it’s head out of its ass. Unfortunately my state (Virginia) is in the Bible Belt and has it’s head firmly planted so far up it’s butt that not even the chance to vote for legalization is in sight .

   Grow happy Capt.

Nice to be here. A lot of good people…for sure.

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Welcome! Glad to see more MA people here! 12/15!

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You’ll find that as more people stop facing legal action, more will open up about weed.


Thank you…nice to be here. In a week I’ve learned lot more about growing than I ever knew back in the 70’s. Very interesting stuff…