How much longer at this point?


If anyone knows going based off of my photos I want to know about how many more weeks until it is matured enough to change the schedule for lighting.


you can change that light schedule now if you want…the plant is plenty big enough and will double in size while flowering.


Can I ask a question? Why do the plants look like a lot of space is In between the leaves?t

Mine does not look like that should it?


Light intensity can lead to that stretch that you see. The short node spacing, like your plant, is one of the main reasons I want to give indoor a try. Once I have the finances and get set up correctly, I’ll be indoor and outdoor.

Never giving up on the Sun…


No I had a lot of stretching occur due to my lighting situation.


@FloridaSon. I just got a 2x4x7 tent for 70, 400w Apollo hps 99, two 4in cooling online fans $40 and ffilters for $40 each,
Being able to grow my own smoke


I would say about 2 - 2 1/2 months left depending on strain. Simply based on a 55-65 flowering time plus your transition.


Now and hope you have lots of room


I agree that it could use more light. You could flower now and it will do well or you could super crop the branches and veg two more weeks to get stronger branches pushing more nutes to the buds.


Crossing that $200 a month expense line off the budget … $200 a month. :money_mouth_face:


What do u mean $200 a month


That’s what he generally spends to smoke. He gets to repurpose that money now. :wink:


Exactly. I have had a $200 budget for my smoke forever. That meant I went half the month without cuz I smoke two oz per month. Retail in my state can run from as high as $250 down to $120 if you catch a “happy hour” deal. Now my budget for smoke is zero tho my electric is up and I have side expenses to grow but I effectively traded a two hundred dollar bill for a fifty dollar bill for growing expenses.

The bonus is I get to never run out while doing this :yum:


Not to mention that your smoke will be a better quality. :yum:


I harvested some, too early but still on the green apple side of ripe. I put it in the grinder and it came out so diesel sticky I could form it into a cube. Made me dizzy first hit.


I love that hit that rocks you leaving a reverb effect!

WAH WAH wah wahwa

Hmm, no clue how to write out that sound.:unamused:



The hits that make yer eyes sweat. :dizzy_face:


My favorite is the hit that makes it seem like someone dimmed the lights for a few seconds


Ihear ya on that one and oldstoner .yeah i get that from my borderliner extreme .
Hammer .


My bad man I was so stoned the other day, not thinking, …