How does my 4-day-old Wedding Cake Auto look?

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Welcome. Looking good so far.

Just curious: So how’d you get the ding on the right corner of your light?

Looks like something I would do

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@Vtbudz thanks for recs

She is 4 weeks old today. As you can see, I popped 2 more seeds, both also ilgm Wedding Cake Auto. They are exactly 1 week old, and 3 weeks behind big sis (pics here).

Previous post pics:
-My 4x2 tent setup
-Set up the rack today to get air under the bags,
because the bottoms stay wet longer than I expect
them too - 2-3 days after watering. They were
previously just sitting on the plastic trays (pictd).
-Started to tackle my 1-tent
perpetual grow dilemma:
a) cranked dimmer to 100%
b) put WC1 on 12 in. bucket (w holes in it)
c) adjusted light to 18 in. for WC1 (30 in.
for WC2/WC3)
d) put domes on WC2/WC3
e) turned off humidifier

-Side pic as requested @SippiGrower
-Close-up of __________ (something
preflowerylookingish yet to be confirmed)
-View of LST of main stem. I have done some tying down and also defoliated around the base just a bit.

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Thanks for bringing that ding to my attention. Had not noticed. I have definitely hit my head on the corner. Should I check my head for dings too?

Oh, growing in Virginia here as well. Def not more than 4 at a time.

Curious if you grow outdoor, and which part of the state you are in. As an alternative to having multiple ages in one tent, I have considered since the planning phase moving one mid-grow out to our sunny garden.



We live in the Blue Ridge and I’m with you being totally legal …just staying with just 4 plants myself.

I started in Aug of last year and grew all 4 autos (with a lot of help from these fine people on the forum) in a 3x3 tent.

Did the same in the winter.

So now on my 3rd grow I started all of them in the tent and pulled 3 outside and left a photoperiod in the tent

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Got any pics of the 3 outside?

My wife just relinquished about 20 sq ft of precious sunny garden. I am starting to plan an outside grow, maybe 2 photos right in the ground.


Here’s one of the autos right before she was chopped…

The others are small


Funny! She gave me less than that area in the deck.

I do bag grows in the deck. The garden is downhill from the house and traveling extra to tend those also… is a little too much for me

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I have a 4 day old auto, can I see a 20 day later update?

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@Hairybadger231 if you are wanting a pic of a 24-day auto, just need to scroll up :call_me_hand:t3:

@SippiGrower @Coonass @PurpNGold74 @VirginiaGrowBoy @Vtbudz @ChittyChittyBangin
(and anyone I forgot)

Well it’s been an adventure to say the least! “Nemo” (planted 6/24) is now into about Week 3 of flowering I think. Had her on a shitty bucket that fell over while I was asleep 2 nights ago! :flushed: I felt such a deep sense of dread when I found the plant literally toppled on its side and the branches, leaves and early flowers all smushed against the side of the tent. My immediate thought was “this is the story about how I ruined my first plant…”

But I apologized to her, got a better bucket, and she seems to have forgiven me…There is slight nute burn visible on the tips, but it’s already improving after I reduced dosage in half last watering/feeding and let the soil dry out after.

I also probably overtrained her a bit, so she is like a little bonsai, but I see some early signs of frosty buds!


Very nice my brother :muscle::sunglasses:

Nice save!!!

Here’s another look this morning at all three together.

(center) Wedding Cake Auto #1 - 38 days old
(left) Wedding Cake Auto #2 - 17 days old
(right) Wedding Cake Auto #3 - 17 days old

Managed to get WCA2 and WCA3 through seedling stage in the same tent with WCA1 entering flowering. I essentially tried for a happy medium with regard to environmental conditions. The bucket helped with the different light needs, and went with 60% RH.

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Update (queue sad music :violin:): I killed WCA3. During first LST attempt, while pulling down main stalk to tie town, it snapped clean off. Oops! I tried taping it back on, but it was just above the first node, so I quickly scrapped the idea and pulled up the roots. Now the other 2 get more prime lighting. Speaking of which…

WCA1 and WCA2 are doing great. R2D2 also :robot:.


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Update — Wedding Cake Auto Day 43:

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Getting frosty! Hows the nose on her?

@PurpNGold74 It’s def got a nose! I’m pleasantly surprised that, although still early in flowering, it smells really similar to the Wedding Cake I picked up at the dispo. I can only imagine how much stronger it will be in a few weeks…

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Wow what a difference in plants at the same age… day 43 red super skunk auto in a 10g pot