How big are your ladys in august? Lets see them!

Goddamn man sounds like a nice haul you sure it’ll last the week? Been busy didn’t get around to it but I am this weekend for sure I’ll send you a picture of the end result definitely. We’ll have to get together and do a little taste test soon

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sounds good to me… wait until you spark that trim keif… yummy stuff.
im nj where u at

plus i still have about 5lbs to run yet. gonna be a nice winter. if i remember any of it.

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Ma. It’s only a 5 hour drive no biggie right!

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Just now setting up my red neck press it’s a little bit different than the one we were talking about but I have a good feeling about it! Hopefully some good stories and pictures to follow!!

Never know when to just leave it alone have to fine tune everything I touch unfortunately but we’ll see what happens I’ll take a picture and send it to you

i also started making hash oil. super easy and i chi wawa. give it a whirl. all you need is everclear 191 and a couple strainers and coffee filters. look it up.

Well it’s not August anymore but here’s the round I have going

A little less than 3 feet I suppose but it is what I’ve got growing and 3 little seedlings of lemon tree autos


She doesn’t smell like blueberry really but if I pinch a bud, amgthe smell on my fingers is like fruity pebbles :grinning: which is nice

I will definitely. I tried pressing some herb and kief last night and it was a complete pain in the ass I have to get a better plan together I made up a different style press on the fly. It worked to some degree but I know I can simplify it to be less of a hassle

Just brought her down yesterday.


Had one just like it last night my damn dog ate it this morning

That sucks. I hope the dog is ok