Gold leaf redo, Bubblegum autos and more

I’m 2 weeks into a new grow and 2 weeks behind on this journal so I’ll get you up to speed on what’s going on. Dropped 1 ilgm gold leaf photo seed and 2 bubblegum autos from gcs and a chocolope from cks in bottled water then dirt on 11-8-21 and they sprouted 11-10-21. Used starter soil, humidity dome and heat mat.

Being that I didn’t even separate and label the seeds when soaking or planting and not wanting to stunt my autos I transplanted all but the gold leaf to 3 gallon fabric pots with fox farm happy frog. The gold leaf is/was smaller and deformed so it’s easy to tell apart. Transplanted the gold leaf yesterday 11-21-21 to a plastic pot. Here they are currently

Approximately 30" under a spider farmer 2000 just under 40%. Their in a 2×4×5 with a 4" infinity exhaust.

Now that I have a few grows under my belt I quickly remembered that it would be best to pop another bean as a safety net to the autos so I dropped a fake GDP photo from a seed pharm purchase 3 years ago. It sprouted today


In order left to right. Chocolope, gold leaf, bubblegum autos 1 & 2

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This is my second go with gold leaf. Hopefully this time it’s a smoother ride. My last gold leaf never got any size and spent a long time deformed and stunted. I got less than 2oz off a 5 gallon pot but the weed was very tasty and good. This one was only deformed and it seems to be growing out of that. If things pan out she will be cloned.

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Hope it goes well for you

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Nice start! You have started off strong :muscle::cowboy_hat_face:.

I’m clicked on watching and can’t wait to see what you do with them. Good luck!

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Water day! Watering every 2 days around the perimeter of the outside leaves not quite enough for runoff. Will continue this until leaves reach edges of pot then I’ll fully saturate pots till runoff. Here’s my pH before and after. Using regular tap

^^^After and before

Just plopped another gold leaf and a critical purple auto seed in water. I put the critical purple seed in the red cup. Totally forgot I had CP. The gold leaf seeds are whitish. Here’s the picture and package verification if needed in the future

Day 15 for the autos
Day 14 gold leaf
Day 3 gdp

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