Ghetto Grow - Beginner - Assistance would be amazing!

The hlg350r are in sale right now… I called to place my order and had them send an invoice over. I used the code DUDE and after total asked the guy I was talking to if there was anyway I could get a better deal. He said sure I’ll give ya my discount… anyway I ended up paying $446.00 shipped .
That’s over $100 in savings plus free shipping


@BigItch Dude, happy for you! Unfortunately, that makes me pretty upset, because 24h ago, I just got new, Kingbrite lights, haha. Meh, life happens.

I thought this was the shyt that only happened to me. :rofl::joy: Thanks for the insight.
Oh well can’t be to pissed when ya got a new upgrade :grin::grin:

2nd September udpate:

Okay, so I’ve topped up all the bags with a mixture of coco, perlite and worm castings. I also did another feed, as my new digital PH meter arrived as well as a syringe to measure out my nutrients exactly.

Things seemed to have improved overall, and the plants are starting to grow a little more aggressively.

As always, please feel free to chime in with any comments or critiques. The only concern I can see on my end is the CDB Haze’s early leaves, and the fact that the OG Kush 1 looks like a Sativa and is half the size of OG Kush 2. I think this is due to the early stress, so not much I can do now right?

All pictures were taken this morning (2nd Sept)
OG Kush 1:

OG Kush 2:

The tomato plant, aka Sweet Rebel Auto:

Durban Poison:

Wedding Cake:

Northern Lights:

Cookies & Cream:

CBD Haze:

Lastly, I’ve been looking into mainlining. Would you guys recommend I give this a go on some of the plants? My initial thoughts were just a little LST, but I’m open to recommendations!

Have a good week all and thank you for the input!


Decided to go ahead and tie down the biggest two.
I think I’m planning on going with LST for all 8 to keep things simple.


I can’t remember if they’re photos. If they are go for it! Some great threads on them. I want to quadline my next seeds.

If autos LST would be my go to. But growing style is different for all

4 of them are autos and 4 photos. I’m just going to experiment with LST for now and let the rebel be the mainlining project. I guess it was an auto-mainline plant, including auto-flowing, win!

Quick update for the journal. Plants seem to be responding well to initial LST :slight_smile:

Durban Poison:

Northern Lights Auto:

Cookies & Cream:

Sweet Rebel:

OG Kush 1:

OG Kush 2:

Wedding Cake:

CBD Skunk Haze:


Have a good Sunday all! :slight_smile:


They all look nice. I like that sweet rebel. Looks like one of @kaptain3d @Arrow ladies


Oh wow! @Arrow & @kaptain3d You guys are on another level! Changing the game. I’m definitely going to try mainlining one of the plants after looking at all that inspiration! Thanks @SilvaBack203!

I’ll update with some pictures later in the week. Don’t want to spam this thread with pictures of the plants 2 days apart, haha.

LST has been very rewarding so far!


I see you have 4 photos and 4 autos. Have you planned to have 2 separated grow spaces? Reason I am asking is because you can grow the autos on a 18/6 light cycle with your vegetating plants but when you decide to flower the photos you will need to get them into a 12/12 light/dark cycle. Although you can grow the Autos on a 12/12 cycle but can achieve more growth and yield with longer light cycles.

If mainlining tickles your fancy, take a look at quadlining. It’s how I intend to train my next run


@Underthestairs Wow, it’s an art form :star_struck: Looking forward to watching you pull it off :sweat_smile:

@Hogbud Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile: You’re right, things are going to get a little tricky, as I only have the 2m “tent” at the moment. My thinking was to try and finish up the autos before flowering the photos (i.e keep it on 18/6) but I’m not sure if this is realistic. I wanted to try to bulk up the photos so that when the smaller autos are done, the last 4 plants can use the space. Not sure how I’m going to do it now :confused:

In terms of an update, things seem to be going okay. I got my new Kingbrite 240w yesterday, so hopefully that will be enough light for these ladies in the coming weeks. LST is going kinda poorly I feel, the plants look pretty ugly at the moment, but I’m hoping the growth on the sides will improve and they’ll start to look less like trees after a hurricane.

I’m also getting the feeling I’m a bit behind in terms of growth. I’m not sure if it’s the nutrients I’m using or the fact that I messed up the PH in the beginning. But hey what can you do :slight_smile:

“Tent” with new light:

LST overview:

LST for the Northern Lights and Cookies and Cream:

Thanks for following along all. Please let me know what I can improve :slight_smile:


Sorry, I forgot to get back to you on this…
For veg and clones I use LED tube lights you can buy from ARB electrical wholesalers. They very cheap and easy to set up. One standard 5ft fitting takes 2 x 24W tubes so I double up and have 2 x fittings running parallel to each other so there are 4 x 24W tubes in total. I just made up a frame with pallet planks to mount them to. Cost of these units will be around R550 for 2 x fittings and 4 x tubes. See partial pic below ( not a video lol )

Here is an image of a recent project for a legal commercial grow using the Indorsun Comet lights ( just larger version but same components as yours)


Bro that project looks amazing!

Thanks for the advice on lights in SA. I’ll definetly take a look at getting some from ARB!

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Report from the ghetto: I’ve been topping and low stress training hard :smile:

Have the best week my friends! :sun_with_face:


So the group photo is looking positive:

But if I’m being honest, I might need some assistance, the Cookies and Cream has what I’ve been told looks like a Cal-Mag deficiency, but I think it might be the middle stages of potassium deficiency. If anyone could provide input that would be great.

The Wedding Cake has a bit of leaf tip burn, hence why I think potassium deficency:

On a brighter note, all the autoflowers look to have begun pre-flowering! I got a decent picture of the Northern Lights :slight_smile:


Hello wonderful growers! :smiley:

I’ve been doing some training, defoliating, and been trying ghetto quad-lining.

I hear you, what on earth is ghetto quad-lining. Let me explain… This is my first grow, but I’ve read so much of @Arrow 's and @kaptain3d threads, that my fingers got incredibly itchy. The only problem is that I’m an average grower, on a minimal budget and I’m starting out a bit late in the grow.

Here’s my idea, 4 main colas, then 4 budget colas, all spread pretty evenly across the pot.

I’m sure you can see from the high-level blueprints what I’m getting at:

Here’s how I’ve started :sweat_smile:

I’ll be adjusting the ties and holds as they grow or don’t grow and keeping you all updated.

On a real note, if a couple don’t make it, I’m totally okay with it, because it gives me a chance to start my dream of a purple grow, and overall, I’d rather learn quickly than play it safe.

Have a great Monday all! :blush: Appreciate all the knowledge shared in other threads and good vibes all round :slight_smile:


I dig it


Things are looking alright I think

I also started a side project. I’m going to try grow these around the mineral to trap it in. Bonsai style :sweat_smile:

Thanks for following along! :green_heart: