Flower Day 38 - looking ok?


@newbie_MN I grow rdwc so I know your pain in flush I try to keep ph as close to 5.5 as poss and I don’t add water till the ph drops to 5.0 then by that time water lvl is low enough to add water to bring ph back up but if you need add water at a ph of 7.5 and that will put a 15 gal setup to a nice 5.8 ph


What does “excessive water uptake” mean @BigDaddyCain ? Sorry for the stupid questions! :slight_smile:


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How big is your res? To be honest, you should be looking more to keep it between 5.5 min and 6.0 max. 6.5 is more for a soil type grow. And like @BigDaddyCain says those wide ph swings would explain what you seen with your plant.

I suspect small res is the issue. When your plant gets larger the root ball starts to take up substantial volume of the res. So even when it’s full, there’s less water/nutrient solution available. As the plant uptakes there’s even less available. Couple that with a ph out of range and locking out nutrients, the ph can get out of control fast.


res is just over a gallon… (i think that it being that small is mostly the issue, and am planning on re-assessing the setup after this grow).


I would almost guarantee that’s your issue. Try doing something like a 5 gallon bucket build, or even a 7-12 gallon tote per plant. Will be a lot more stable that way.


Thanks a lot @dbrn32, you helped me out with suggesting my next light too! Very helpful, i’m just hoping I can get some usable smoke out of this one!


No problem! Hopefully it works out, if not just be persistent. You’re well on your way to getting there.


Mine is a rdwc 5 5gal buckets 4 plants and it’s a 20 gal system so at week 8 of flower it holds 13 gal total with roots