Flower Day 38 - looking ok?

Damn she’s looking good. Not sure if those colors are genetic or just her using all her stored nutes because i believe u startd plain ph watering. Either way beautiful lil lady you have. Wait for more experienced growers on when to chop. But i tip my hat to you sir.

Thanks! This is my first plant! I think I want to try more plants and keep them even smaller next time. The colors are sweet for sure!


Just checked ur hand in the pic. Maam* :joy::joy:

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Ha! That was my wife’s hand! :yum::yum::yum:

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I think you are very close now, What sort of effect are you after? Mostly cloudy will be more of an uplifting head stone, while more amber trichomes will give more of a body stone couchlock effect. It really depends on what you prefer.

I think I tend to like the uplifting head high @mountainman1. The pictures of the trichomes are from buds lower on the plant too. I have a hard time seeing whether or not they are cloudy or clear, definitely don’t see any amber on those ones. With that in mind, you think it’s chop chop time :)?

You want as few clear as possible. That is why alot of people wait til they start to seeing ambers. Maybe 10%. That ensures most of ur clears are cloudy. Ive come to believe any clear trichs is just undeveloped and extra week or so wont hurt :wink::wink:

Especially after this long… want the best possible ‘product’

Edited so i wont take over your thread: you pistils look very well developed. No loupe?

Its all up to you now, just keep an eye on the trichomes. You will never get all cloudy without some clear and amber as well. 80/90% cloudy is what you want to see.

Here are pictures of her trichomes. They are from various levels of the plant. The ones that are more purple are the buds at the top/closest to the lights. Let me know what you think! @mountainman1 @PurpNGold74

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Getting closer now! My my i cant wait to get there

Like 3 to 5 days and you should be golden for a uplifting high if you want couchlock more like 6-9 days but yes you are close now it’s up to how you want taste and feel to be like

Thank you @BigDaddyCain!

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Thats what I like to see, any time its convienient for you to cut her down , go for it.

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@mountainman1, @BigDaddyCain, @PurpNGold74, is there a strategy for cutting down two different times? To take 1/2 the plant earlier than the other? Or just hack 1/2 off, wait, then cut the rest? Or is that not good practice?

Thanks again for all the feedback!

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You still have quite a few clear trichs, and not a lot of amber. Try to let as much as you can get cloudy without going over like 15-20% Amber and you should be good.

I realize a little late for this, but above in your pics with all the yellowing leaves, you see how you also have clawing tips? That’s a sign of nitrogen toxicity while you’re also showing signs of deficiencies as well. Pretty good chance that’s a product of ph out of range. You shouldn’t have had much of an issue with ppm under 800.

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Yes you can harvest some of the plant but they will slide into a decay faster that way if you do it then your first harvest will be lighter weed and the sec will be super sticky and don’t go more then 5-10 days for the sec harvest anymore then that and you are inviting problems

I’ve done it many times do to top nice and amber perfect for harvesting and lower end has like a week left do to in canopy and no light so I have removed anything above canopy and even some leaf to open light spots also when you do it I always try to up airflow a bit so no mold or pest issuses I hope this helps @newbie_MN

@dbrn32, I took the nutes away about 2 weeks ago now so the PPM is no longer an issue, but I am having a bitch of a time keeping the Ph between 5.8 and 6.5… It is constantly dropping below 5, even after a day or two! Any idea why that would be happening? I have now resorted to putting Ph6.5+ in the res just to keep it in check… Having to swap water out all the time is also something that I keep having to do in order to keep it in range… Again, first time here, so any advise would be great!

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@newbie_MN ok when ph drops it’s do to excessive water uptake and when ph goes up it’s eating more nuits that’s the eaisest way to explain