First Timer Getting Psyched Auto Blue Dream

Lol I can imagine because if I turn my s4 up high it’s loud as hell and sucks my tent in so far its imploding

I got the Inline raxial s4 the little small round one which should be fine for my intake fan. It does have a controller as well so hopefully that will do the trick. Only need to knock it down a degree or three at this point.

Watered with Mycorrhizae and took some side pics. Gotta wait a few more days for some LST. Looking good for 16 days out of soil I think for my first ones.

Top shots of the babies turning teenagers.

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It’s not uncommon for autos to yield more than 5 ounces each.

The way these gals are growing, you might hit a nice mark come harvest.

We’ll know come September/October

I’m happy for you and your early success.

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Thanks man and I owe 90% to you and a few others here lol. I had originally took a small closet and put aluminum foil on walls, a fan and was going to shove 2 plants inside with a blurple. That was before I joined and read and talked to you and others. If this harvest turns out well you guys will have to pat yourselves on the back :joy:

Rigged up my Inline fan, blowing some nice cool ambient air into the tent.

Trying to LST hopefully did alright. 2 of my plants are taller than other so figured get them started. The other plant is being left untouched for my own experience.

Photos of my Rigged up AC system. Works like a charm with the AC infinity Inline fan. Blowing out ice cold air to cool the tent now.

Some updated photos. Flushed the one with burnt tips, it was a ghetto mix of soil I threw together that had like 4500PpM got it down to 800. The other 2 are my attempts at LST, it seems to be working as the middle branches are getting bushier and seem to be growing upwards even though I feel like I did it wrong but I’m re adjusting every day to try and keep it going.

Also updated photos of the workspace I’ve transformed. I PHd all my waters I don’t know if they will hold or not but figured why not try.

Upgraded to the T6 and controller instead of the little S4:and it is a monster difference. The T6 looks like a jet engine in comparison lol.

Plants are exploding, the 2 I’m attempting LST on seem to be taking well to it and the one I’m leaving alone is getting tall.

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24 days out of soil and I believe pre flowering and loving life so far. DLI 40 and PPDF 550 @ 24 inches. Cannot wait to crank my HLG up the rest of the way.

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Moved my grow room yesterday and re trained the 2 I’m doing LST on again today. Room still a work in progress but way easier to maintain good temps and humidity now. Hard to believe still less than 1month since popping out of soil and almost 1 month exact since put seeds in these pots and said a prayer lol

Massive leaf bigger than my hand. The one not training is getting ridiculously tall had to move to outside of light so dli was down a hair compared to others.

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1 month old today and I couldn’t be more proud of my girls.

Last photos in my journal until some more major changes come about.

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