First Timer Getting Psyched Auto Blue Dream

Hello everyone first time grower here. Decided to try this out for my wife. Myself unfortunately cannot partake in the end product (hopefully one day again) but my wife can and needs for her anxiety / fun. I was interested in the science behind it and said hey why not I can try it out what’s worst that happens I fail and I try again or sell my gear either way it will be fun to try.
I bought a greenhut tent, believe it’s 4x4x tall as hell lol. I got a good deal used and even though bigger than needed I said why not, people usually never go smaller in hobbies. I bought a 600W LED system from Amazon, it had thousands of reviews with photos of people’s grows so I went with it. I am doing blue dream auto and I forget the size pots but I have 1 mini I got from a pot for pot I put outside in my wife’s greenhouse to see how it does and 2 12in pots in my tent. I am using the fox farm oceans garden in the one on left and a separate mix I kind of rigged up myself as an experiment to compare the two. I also have the nutes that are sold on this site which is the only part I haven’t really quite figured out yet at least theoretically figured it out since I’m new and just starting.
My seeds just sprouted in the water and just waiting for the root to get a smidge bigger and they will be go in. I’m running a little fan and have humidifier and a 6in inline fan from Amazon was supposed to be here today but got delayed but will be installed Monday.
Any tips or pointers for a noobie? I will document this as I go and also started a journal to write down progress and keep some cheat sheet notes so to speak. Regardless how this turns out I am pumped and love seeing your guys and girls grows, it is motivating me and some of them are just beautiful to look at. I can only hope to have something a sliver of what some of you grow.
Wish me luck as they will get planted tomorrow.


Hi there. Welcome to your new happy place :blush: What light did you get? Do you have ph and ppm meter? Very important tools for this addictive hobby. Looks like you are ready to have some fun. I am going to stalk you on your grow.


Hello and I do not have PH meter ( using distilled which I read makes PH meter pointless but that could be wrong) and the ppm meter I thought was only for hydro but I’ll look into it. Oh and also I have the stuff to do low stress training, going to try one and not the other to see difference. The light is a Wakyme 600W. There was something else I was going to mention before I saw your reply and of course I forget. There was something else I have but I’ll have to update it when I rememeber.


Will distilled water get expensive? Never use it. Once you start nutes the ppm will let you know when and how much to feed.
I forget things all the time. :crazy_face:


Just to be clear your light fixture is not 600 watts. It actually draws about 110 watts max. Light companies will say 600 watts when they have 60 pcs 10 watt leds. You may be a little undergunned for that size grow space… just my thoughts.

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I had one very similar not long ago. It got me through veg on an autoflower but i had to upgrade for flower. Welcome aboard! Some really great growers here that are not afraid to help! Saved me many times. Cheers!


Sorry, apparently I can only post like once a day or something idk.
Thank you for the info about the light, it is so misleading trying to figure it out. I went ahead and ordered a 2nd one that will be here tomorrow. Didn’t want to change things up yet and figured I already have one so if it does good I’ll run both until they stop running. I just planted the seeds so here is hoping everything starts to do its thing, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
Ahh yes the other thing I was going to mention is I had thought of doing 20 and 4 for the lights. Would that be too much or should I stick with 18 and 6 ( I have a timer set for 18 and 6 but was reading and thought 20 and 4 might be better for my autos)
Also added my exhaust inline fan.

(don’t mind the mess of stuff on top hanging I will eventually make it look pretty but for now it does what it needs to). I added my 2nd light and inline fan. Have my Bluetooth hygrometer and thermometer coming today that is more accurate than these I have now. I’m Psyched and ready to just water, feed and enjoy the grow now.


I started with two purple lights 3 years ago. They can grow weed ok. If you decide to continue I guarantee you will upgrade those within a year. Before you do ask here for help choosing. Growing cannabis is such a lucrative business right now there’s a lot of companies flat out lying about their products. Lights top the list of misinformation. Many of the reviews are paid for and not true.
I still use my purple lights to start seedlings and I have one over a Mother plant I keep alive.
Don’t feel bad because there are many of us who did the same thing. There is even a thread dedicated to it like a support group… :rofl:


Hello and thanks for the info. Of all the Amazon lights these had thousands of reviews which is why I went this route. Also they had tons of reviews with photos of grows. I’m sure some are fake but I doubt 2500+ are fake with grow photos. That said as long as they get me through these 2 plants they would have paid for themselves and I’ll upgrade later.

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Oh and what are some affordable light options that are actually good? Since it’s hard to find any real Info since the internet and forums are littered with Amazon Leds being the suggested choices. I have a 4x4 tent.

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Your set up looks good and will work, your just not going to reach full potential on your gals with those lights. But hell they might be just fine for your needs. Maybe consider a carbon filter for smell if thats something your concerned about. I would run your lights with both switches on throughout grow. Good luck! Cheers.

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I love talking about lighting.

For your lights, you can only flower about half your space. If you do end up using the whole space, your buds will look good but be extremely fluffy and light. You won’t yield much at all. And make sure both switches are on no matter what.

Example; I have a 600w HLG in my 4x4 along with a 30w UV bar. You’ll have 220w

Read thru my thread on Blurples. You’ll have a nice laugh and learn a few things.

For lighting, when you do go to make a purchase, there are 100’s of options.

I’m particular to HLG because they give me a sweet discount for being a veteran.

A 4x4 tent is an easy space to light up. Lots of lights are made for that space.

When you start shopping for a new light, you’ll need to have a budget in mind. Feel free to tag me in any lighting questions that you might have.

Thank you and that’s what Im doing I have both on from start on veg and bloom and am doing 20/4 and yea smell isn’t an issue where I’m at lol if someone other than me smelled this they would be God like :joy:. I appreciate everyone’s input, there is certainly alot to learn and alot of conflicting information out there.

HLG is the brand? I am also a veteran so if there is a discount that makes it worthwhile I would be on board with that as well. Since I’m newer to this and it is starting as a trial to see if I can even do it, I didn’t want to spend more than I had to in order to get it done at least at first.

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Dude this hobby is so rewarding. It can also be a money pit. I’m a cheap ass and exploit my veteran status when I can. There are tons of ways to save money and even get free samples of stuff.

I’m like you in regards to not smoking it. I just grow for my wife and friends. It’s fun to be able to just give away ounces to friends whenever they need it.

My suggestion for your 4x4 is to get an HLG 600r from their refurbished section. Before you do, email customer service and ask them for a veteran promo code. Great company out of Ohio with stellar customer service. You’ll get an $850 light for $480. It’s will get you some heavy harvests out of that 4x4…. We’re talking pounds.


Maybe. It depends. If you use distilled or RO water to mix nutrients in, you will need to check its pH to make sure it is range.
The pointless part comes from the standpoint distilled has no or virtually no ppm. So it is a blank piece of paper until you put something in it. It will take the pH & ppm of whatever is added.

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And yes, HLG is the brand, Horticulture Lighting Group

Right, what he said. Distilled water has no pH because there’s nothing in it to hold a pH. One you introduce nutrients into it, it will then have a pH.

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When I first started growing, I went on Amazon spent a small fortune. Then bought fox farm nutrients with all 12 of their bottled nutrients. Realized my mistakes, found how I like to grow and got my routine going. That was 2.5 years ago. I’m still learning.

I now have 3 tents. HLG lights for all of them, fans, filters, homemade scrog nets and I use Lotus Nutrients. I’m the only grower on here I know that uses lotus. Lots of guys are using Jacks 321

As for your grow, there’s a guy who uses only General Hydroponics Bloom from start to finish on his Autos. He has Great success. My Growmie @pr can tell you more about it.

@pr is a great resource too. He’s always willing to help out.

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